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Customer Confidence Essay

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Customer confidence issue:
You're working the breakfast shift at a fast food restaurant when a delivery of dairy products arrives. There's a story in the local newspaper about contaminated milk that has been distributed by the dairy which has supplied a delivery of milk to your restaurant. When you read the article more closely, you discover that there's a problem with only a small portion of the dairy's milk, and the newspaper lists the serial numbers of the containers that are problems. When you point out the article to your manager, he tells you to forget it. "If you think we've got time to go through every carton of milk to check serial numbers, you're crazy," he says. "The article says right here that the chances are minuscule that anyone has a contaminated carton." ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, the manager also involved because he receive salary from restaurant and he also been told about this situation by me so he also have to take responsibility on his decision. Besides, the manufacturer of dairy milk is involved, it is their fault that small portion of milk become contaminated. More overs, I think customer also a stakeholder because they pay money for their food, they have the right to not affect by contaminated milk, and some of them may read the newspaper and knew about the risk. Local newspaper is also an important stakeholder because they take responsibility to announce everyone that there is contaminated milk delivered to your restaurant.
As a loyal employee of restaurant, my decision to intervene in this problem can lead to good or terrible result to the business. The first situation is when I choose to intervene in this issue, against the order of manager, spend time to find which container is the contaminated one based on the serial numbers then the restaurant have to spend money to buy emergency milk at retail price. The second situation is I listen and follow the advice of manager to skip this problem and focus on my job, regardless of the consequence that customer maybe affected by contaminated milk and restaurant will lose its reputation.
In my opinion, the second course of action is more suitable for an employee. Normally, against the order of boss is not good for any kind of job. Restaurant paid money for me to do what I’ve been told, not to do works that not included in my responsibility. Even if I success in find out the contaminated milk, I have to spend time to do another work and my own work performance will be affected. In this situation I did all I could that is report the problem to manager who has the official responsibility to make decision on this situation.

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