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Curriculum Vitaes, A History Of Essay

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The Curriculum Vitae, (C.V.) has been used by candidates to introduce themselves and their skills, character and ambitions, to prospective employers for many years. Employers on the other hand, have used the very same document as a way of assessing a candidate’s potential suitability for employment in all parts of their business. In both cases, the people using the C.V. are aiming to get to the same point; a capable and suitable candidate being interviewed for whatever vacancy is currently available.
Many highly skilled and proficient candidates fail to get interviews, simply because their C.V.’s are poorly laid out, fail to highlight relevant skills and experience, are too long winded, ...view middle of the document...

V. This focusses more on the overall achievements and qualification during the candidates’ career to date. This format would be particularly useful for a graduate who had little work experience, but a relevant and recent qualification. However, whilst this format has increased in popularity, it is still a relatively unknown style and could be off putting to potential employers as they cannot see a career path or stable periods of employment.
Candidates with strong academic qualifications and experience may need to consider an Academic style of C.V. This is most appropriate if they are applying for roles with a heavy academic bias, such as lecturers or researchers. The document should still be concise, but will highlight the key and relevant areas of study, research carried out and prizes or awards received. As it is highly likely that the reader will be of a technical bias, then the use of academic technical language would be appropriate, however, it could be that the first assessment of candidates C.V.’s is done by someone other than the final employer, and therefore, technical language should be kept to a minimum.
Whichever style is deemed appropriate, the next area of consideration is the actual production of the document. With the advent of personal computers and word processing software, the overwhelming majority of C.V.’s produced today are typed. It would be highly unlikely that a handwritten C.V. would be deemed suitable in any circumstance other than where a large element of the job role would involve having presentable handwriting, thus meaning a handwriting sample would be beneficial to the reviewer, a museum curator, for example.
The visual impact, and by default, the first impressions of the C.V. can be dramatically affected by the typeface chosen. Studies carried out by The Wichita State University showed that of all the available fonts, Corbel was identified as the one that had the highest scores for legibility, professionalism and clarity. It was assumed that the typeface meant that the writer was of a higher intelligence than the same C.V. written in other typefaces. Other studies have shown that...

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