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Curriculum Paper/Developmental Delay

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Curriculum Paper
Lisa Lester
Introduction to Child development
Brigit Fowler
April 22, 2012

Developmental Delay can be easily detected by many if ones pay close attention to the growth and milestone stages within children. There are different things that cause a child to be delayed such as Genetics, if a child is born with a form of abnormalities in the chromosomes they could have Down syndrome for which they would have not only cosmetic problems but, it can cause them to have some other complications with speech, cognitive and motor skills. Another risk factor could be due to their environment whether it is lack of maternal care, exposure ...view middle of the document...

Not every child is capable of effectively communicating their feelings and need to work at it by doing exercises that will allow them to get better speech. Every activity an instructor gives is important and really great to help the child along and there a few ways to make sure that the child gets attention and help that they need.
Having a routine is a recommended way to help delayed students learn behaviors at a more accelerated rate than they already are, and also helps the parents understand a little better what is being done to help their child overcome the hardship of learning at a slightly slower rate. The routine for the child should be continued both at home, and in school to make sure the child is getting the most help possible for improvement ( Inside that routine there has to be work that will challenge and encourage the child to become adept at skills he/she may be slightly behind in. For children who suffer from weak cognitive muscle function and cannot hold a pencil for very long would be more comfortable drawing pictures and writing simple sentences about their feelings than doing worksheets where they must write a paragraph. Students with language problems should be involved in frequent activities that promote the use of speech and language skills, such as group discussions where they must share their feelings and opinions with others, and one on one read aloud with a parent or teacher to help them practice the areas they have more trouble with (
Different therapies are also available to those students who really need that extra help as well. Some of those therapies include physical therapy, counseling, and occupational therapy. These types of therapy deal with engaging the child in activities that will strengthen them physically, mentally, and emotionally. During a physical therapy session, the therapist will stretch, bend, and rotate troubled areas for the student to try and make their day/ week a little bit better. The physical therapist can use different types of equipment to gain the desired effects they want for their patient. For example, a student with a back injury might be encouraged to stretch with an exercise ball, or a student with trouble using their legs may be made to balance on all fours and try to crawl forward....

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