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As man seeks for development, innovations are inevitable.

In curriculum, changes and modifications are being introduced to keep with the changing world.
• With the emerging theories of learning, instructional delivery and management, learning and teaching styles, modes of living and other societal changes in science and technology led educators to introduce innovations.

 a.) 2002 Basic Education Curriculum  b.) Third Elementary Education Program (TEEP)

 c.) Secondary Education Improvement and Development Program
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So to decongest the curriculum, BEC restructured it into only five learning areas namely: ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, FILIPINO, SCIENCE and MAKABAYAN

Salient Features of the Curriculum

Filipino, English and Science English, Mathematics and Science Makabayan together with Filipino

• Are the tool subjects

• Are subjects to develop internationalism
• Are learning areas which enhance nationalism

Salient Features of the Curriculum
a bit focus on

It is the “laboratory of life” to develop a healthy personal and national identity
 As a learning area, this requires an adequate

understanding of Philippine history, our politicaleconomic system, local cultures, crafts, arts, music and games
 It stresses on the development of social awareness,

empathy, and firm commitment to the common good.


Integrative teaching works best in the BEC. It is so because the curriculum is treated in a HOLISTIC MANNER. The process is INTERACTIVE, COLLABORATIVE and INNOVATIVE. Here are four examples to describe what is Integrative Teaching is….

Thematic teaching Content-Based Instruction Focusing inquiry Generic Competency Model

Integrative teaching as mode of Instructional Delivery
- this requires organization of THEMES around ideas
** The THEMES provides focus and helps learners see the meaningful connections across subject areas

- it links ideas to action and learning to life

- For Example: you chosen is Philippine Festival as your theme.
**You must also know that our country celebrates various festivals in its different provinces, towns and cities **The different subject areas in this particular case use the different features of a particular festival as subject matter

Integrative teaching as mode of Instructional Delivery
Here are the simple steps in using the Integrated Unit Design (Thematic Based)

Decide on a unit theme that will allow all subject areas to join. Example: Philippine Festival Identify the major concepts to serve as a “common thread” for all the subject areas. Example: Historical Background, purposes of the celebration, dance steps, etc. Brainstorm and list generalizations that will be derived from the study of the theme. Write questions that would facilitate the understanding and mastery of the generalization

For each Subject area, write instructional objectives to be accomplished. Identify instructional objectives to be accomplished. Identify instructional activities which will accomplish the objectives. Based on the objectives, perform the activities.

Conduct culminating activity where all subject areas learning will be applied
Design a scoring guide or rubric to assess the performance of the task in the culminating activity

Integrative teaching as mode of Instructional Delivery

THEMATIC TEAHCING may involve, the whole school, a department, or a group of teachers. It will encourage collaboration and cooperation among all...

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