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Curriculum Essay

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Song: Sing a Song of Senses
(sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")

We use our tongues to taste.
We use our tongues to taste.
We taste the flavors in our food.
We use our tongues to taste.

We use our ears to hear.
We use our ears to hear.
We hear noises loud and soft.
We use our ears to hear.

We use our eyes to see.
We use our eyes to see.
We see colors all around.
We use our eyes to see.

We use our noses to smell.
We use our noses to smell.
We smell flowers and perfume.
We use our noses to smell.

We use our hands to touch.
We use our hands to touch.
We touch things both smooth and rough.
We use our hands to touch.

Lesson plan: I would first talk about all of the senses to the children and describe all five senses to my students. We will discuss each sense and I will ask questions about them. I would find ...view middle of the document...

I would make sure none of my students are allergic to it first before we do this assignment.

Tuesday - Hear: I will discuss how we hear with our ears and ask children things that they hear in the classroom, things that they hear outside, things that they hear at home, ect. I will play sounds that I record such as a car horn, thunder, rain, children laughing, people talking, a bell ringing, dog barking, ect. and have them guess what it is. I will then have them to color a picture of different objects with different sounds.

Wednesday - See: We will play a game like iSpy and I will ask them a question about something in our classroom, such as, "I spy something green." And I will have them shout out guesses until someone gets it and do every color I can find. We then would color with worksheets that I printed that has different objects on them with the same color and I would let each student pick which color is their favorite and they get to color their favorite color worksheet.

Thursday - Smell: I will take baby food jars and feel them up with different things that smells, such as kool-aid, baby powder, coffee, peanut butter, oranges, lemons, ect. I would also try using cotton balls and scented oils like cherry, vanilla, grape and let them guess each one and have them to draw a picture of their favorite scents.

Friday - Touch: I will make a book with different kinds of textures for the children to touch. I would use items such as grass, carpet, cotton, wood, plastic, clothing and let them feel each texture and then we would discuss the book and talk about different things that we touch and how they feel when they touch them. I would also use brown paper bags and put different objects like pencils, a lego, a ball, spoon, paper clip, and an apple in them and have each child reach in the bag and tell me what they think it is.

Goal: My goal is for the children to learn about all five of their senses by singing the poem and doing a different activity a day will help them learn about their senses and why we use them for.

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