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Current Trends In Hospitality Industry Essay

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Technology in hotel industry
Despite a growing of the value of modern, integrated systems, many properties still do not take advantage of them as fully as they might to maximize revenue opportunities. Many also fail to support and secure them to the extent appropriate to the value of their data and to the legal consequences of that data becoming stolen or corrupted.--Hospitality management system have evolved into sophisticated, well integrated, multi-discipline tools capable of helping properties of all types and sizes that attract more guests, generate more revenue and reach much-improved levels of efficiency.
However, many properties handicap themselves through hanging on ...view middle of the document...

A research that aims to know all of these factors encourage the movements towards more professionals system management; either from a corporate resource team shared among many properties or contracted out to the professionals third party. Centralized revenue management teams, for example, can provide expert help to multiple properties in a regionally cohesive way. Centrally-hosted systems allow for highly-qualified technicians to provide a far more secure and managed systems environment than would be available to an individual property. This efficiency, and of the potential damage from security breaches.
This study is focuses about the major factors: the complexity of the hotel management a lack of awareness if how much efficiency could be improved through the use of modern integrated systems, a historic preference for investing funds in FF and E, the difficulty of providing comprehensive.

theoretical frame work:: This study extended the technology acceptance model (TAM) by applying it to the context of biometric systems in the hotel industry and by introducing a consumer-oriented construct, perceived innovativeness, as an antecedent of perceived ease of use. Using data collected from hotel guests who traveled during a 12-month period prior to the study, the model explained 79% of the variability in guests’ intentions to use biometric systems in hotels. The results showed that the TAM is an appropriate theoretical framework for the examination of adoption of biometrics in hotels, and that hotel guests are ready to adopt biometric systems, especially if they are perceived as useful.

With the rapid pace of technological advancements and the fast rate of implementing it into everyday life, people need the latest IT facilities. They demand this from hotels as well. But the industry has always been lagging behind the needs, not being able to offer the latest advances in technology. Now management has started to take note of the guest’s needs and is aware that technology is a very competitive advantage and is starting to adjust their strategies in consequence. Boutique hotels offering sci-fi levels of technology are starting to emerge and may be prefiguring the future of hospitality as a whole.
I Introduction
With technology advancing now faster than ever before, everyone needs and demands using the latest technological means just to survive. Such is the case in the hotel...

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