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Current Issues Paper And Class Handout

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Current issues paper and class handout
University of Phoenix
David Bolton

Shintoism is a native religion of Japan and was once its state religion but over the years that has changed due to many other religions that have moved in. Shinto as a religion is different and more unique than other religions and even though it has fallen from the time of when it was popular it is still being practice. Unlike many religions women have always been a part of Shinto and although it has its ups and down women still practice it with no discrimination.
Now this may not answer the question at hand but please allow me to explain why Shinto does not have a lot or any at all ...view middle of the document...

The two religions find Shinto as a pagan practice due to its lack of belief in a common and Supreme Being; God/ Allah (Robbins, 2004). To control the Christianity that was multiplying fast in Japan, and which was making individuals to be more loyal to religion than to the state, Japanese were ordered to be Buddhists, just to crash the growing Christianity. Even though the practice ended, to date every Japanese household has a particular amount of allegiance to Buddhism especially where particular family members were buried. This was during the Tokugawa regime (between 1600 and 1868) when every household was supposed to be affiliated with a certain Buddhist temple. Shinto’s here were forced to be off from their religion (Oxtoby, 1996). The Meiji Government has aided Shinto become a recognizable religion in the world when they were coming into power However, economic advancements which have resulted in the desire for a change in lifestyles have forced the Japanese to be more sensitive to economic needs than to cultural and religious affiliations which has affected allegiance to the Shinto religion. The fact that the world has become more of a global village has made the Japanese want to travel to new places where the Shinto religion is quite alien. This has been a problem especially for the Shinto Japanese in places like Europe and the US. (Lucas, & Robbins 2004). This however hasn’t hindered them from practicing their religion since they get replicas of their Shinto shrines wherever they go. They also send their children back in Japan to learn more of the same religion, understands the practices better and learn their family affiliation to their Shinto ways and shrines.
Until the Meiji Restoration of 1867, women held an important place in Shinto. From then until the end of WWII the Western idea of "men were better" was implemented by the...

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