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Current Graduate Student Essay

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The Case Study of TerraCog Global Positional Systems
Xu Yang, 005767016
The company of TerraCog enjoys the flat organization juts like the typical law firm.The benefit of this structure is better communication between departments and efficient examination through production process. However, it also leads to the serious situation which TerraCog is facing now.

Case question one:
Richard Fiero as the president of this company regard quality reputation and market shares equally important which leads to divarication between sale department and design&development depattment. (Ed pryor is encouraged to reoccupy the market while Allen Roth is ...view middle of the document...

Case question two:
Sale department find market needs --> Report to President --> Make price point --> Design & Development department make improvements as required --> Production department make cost estimate --> CEO controls --> Sale team and Finance make further market plan

Case question three:
For the companies of flat organization, the decision-making process has to be more complete and cautious which should include requirements of sale department, support of design&development department, prediction of production department and suggestion of finance department. It is better for main department such as sale and design to take suggestions from other departments and all departments should work as a whole team to hit the target instead of work as individuals.
The president should be clear about the company's core value. As the top of pyramid, the president decide the way of company as well as the core department. Thus, the dispute will ended up with the core department' opinion.
Individual objectives may be more aggressive than department objectives. Thus, CEO should take these elements into consideration when dealing with issues.

Case question four:
CEO should hear opinions from all managers to know overall concerns and expectation. Then, production department must work with sale and design department to give a interval of the expenditure as a reference for further designing. Meanwhile, design and development department should take fully consideration from sale department instead of pursuing of perfect functional products. On conclusion, CEO has the responsibility to combine all elements together as reference, such as...

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