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Current Events and Ethics-Photo Radar Enforcement
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Current Events and Ethics-Photo Radar Enforcement
Patrick Henry, in 1775 said, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? …I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Since these words were spoken, the idea they express has become a founding principle of our Republic, that every American’s individual liberties are theirs alone to forfeit or preserve. In these United States, no act of law or human agency, no matter ...view middle of the document...

Added together the cost of accidents caused by driver misconduct stood in 2004 at $513,930,000, Canadian. The first year costs of the photo enforcement program, which included all the high-ticket expenses associated with introduction and implementation, were $27,290,000, Canadian. In only one year, the program was credited with a net monetary benefit to the BC government of $113,955,000. (Chen, 2005) Given these eye-popping numbers, any government official might excuse themselves for supporting such devices on these figures alone. The truth is, what gets the government’s attention is that photo enforcement is also immensely profitable.
Well-publicized for reducing miserable red ink, photo enforcement becomes something akin to magical to government officials for generating black ink. The Arizona State Budget in 2009 projected income from photo enforcement at $75 million annually. (Capitol Times, 2009) This amounted to more than $20 per licensed driver in the state, prompting Arizona’s current governor, Jan Brewer to admit the purpose of photo radar was as a revenue source to help prop up the state’s budget, “I certainly don’t support photo-radar as a revenue-generating solution to solving our budget and I believe truly that’s what it was initially put in for.”(Capitol Times, ¶ 2) But if photo enforcement is a financial boon to government, for the industry that created the devices and technology, the windfall is truly cash registers at Christmastime.
Australian-based company Redflex Holdings is the parent company of Redflex Traffic Systems. RTS is an industry leader boasting of $26 million in earnings this year, which headquarters its United States operations in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 1996, Scottsdale was the location where RTS put itself on the map. RTS provided the city a turn-key process, from free installation of the cameras up to the point of issuing the citations for Scottsdale and collecting the fines. The strategy paid off and RTS was able to grab an important toe-hold in the embryonic photo-enforcement industry’s first forays into the United States, the entire country in 1996 having only a handful of cameras. (Horovitz, 2006)
RTS now maintains 600 cameras in six states and in 87 cities. The company intends to install 200 cameras in 2009, and provides 40% of the photo enforcement cameras in the United States. (Horovitz, 2006) But, unlike Alexander the Great, they do not weep, for they see many more worlds to conquer.
RTS, in a meeting with analysts, estimated the photo enforcement business growing to $3 billion annually, with themselves in the catbird seat. "The market is virtually untapped," says RTS CEO Karen Finley. (Horovitz, 2006, ¶ 8)
The public’s patience with this product, however, is tapped. RTS may have found its birth and first customer in Scottsdale but have now been run out, no longer operating any camera in town. (Horovitz, 2006) The astounding paradox, only shared perhaps by pig farms...

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