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Current Ethical Issues
Baderman Island is called a slice of paradise where vacationers and business people can come to host a business retreat or take a much needed vacation (Apollo Group Inc., 2005). The size of the island resort with all the different amenities requires many employees to run day to day operations to make the guests feel comfortable. With the combination of guests and employees on an island there are many moral and ethical issues to contend with on a daily basis.
Baderman Island
The island attracts tourist for vacations and businesses to have conventions year around because of the amenities and beautiful weather year around. The island resort has three different ...view middle of the document...

, 2005). The Baderman’s came up with the concept the turn the rest of the land into Baderman Island resort and renovations started to convert the Baderman estate into a resort (Apollo Group Inc., 2005). A 20 acre donation of land to the city came in 1995 in exchange for tax breaks and ferry service for the resort and in 2001 the river was redirected turning Baderman Island into a 1580 acre natural island (Apollo Group Inc., 2005). In 2001construction started for the hotels, resturants and convention center and in 2004 the island opened to the public where the Boardman Management Group took over the operational fuction of the resort (Apollo Group Inc., 2005). In exchange for the city of Kelsey using the island the Baderman’s receive incentives and tax breaks for the city (Apollo Group Inc., 2005).
Ethical and Moral Issues
The Board Management Group was created by the town of Kelsey and is responsible for most of the day to day operations on the island (Apollo Group Inc., 2005). The organization expects all of their employees to give customers the best unique experience they have ever had on a trip. The Board Management Group has many ethical and moral issues to contend with daily as they manage guest and employees. While the resort invites customers to come have fun and play they must also keep everyone safe. Rules have to be made so that guests do not get hurt or end up hurting other guests and employees. All guests must be respected by employees and management of Baderman Island, but guests may not disturbe other guests or break rules of the island as the land belongs to the Baderman family and they want it treated respectfully. Some guests may feel they have a right to do whatever they want on the property after paying to visit without reguard to others or the land so management must enforce the rules fairly.
The management must also take...

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