Current Business Research Paper

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Vanessa Velasquez
Current Business Research Project Paper
RES/341 Research and Evaluation I
Professor: Dr. Thomas Chamberlain
March 15, 2010

Current Business Research Project Paper
Define the business research and its purpose.
The research topic for the article was about human resources and marketing synergies. The article focused on the integration of internal, (employee), and external, (customer) marketing as a strategy to recognize higher expectation of corporate social responsibility. The research studies analyzed more than 20 organization’s functions primarily in the areas of human resources management, marketing, and corporate social responsibility to determine what types of internal and external products would be most powerful as a means to enhance both employee and customer loyalty and satisfaction (People Management, 2009, p 1).
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The factors used for the studies made it possible for researchers to observe how they formed a part of an integrated marketing strategy that satisfied customer and employee expectations while ensuring the approach meets ethical and moral social responsibilities (People Management, 2009, p 1).
What did the researchers conclude as a result of their research?
The research found that integrating benefits or brands for both customers and employees is an effective marketing approach because it produces a win-win situation for all. An example of an integrated benefit or brand for both staff and customers is the economic benefit. This type of benefit demonstrates synergy or integration because employees perceive it as “competitive compensation benefits,” and customers see it as “products representing excellent value for money” (People Management, 2009, p 1). Another instance of an integrated brand is the psychological benefit. This benefit equates to employees as “engagement with the organization as an employer of choice” and for customers it equates to “premium products from preferred supplier” (People Management, 2009, p 1). As for the organization, the integration of these synergies promotes positive ethical benefits because employees and customers are more likely to appreciate the “organization’s affinity with values, its treatment of key stakeholders, and its belief in its societal contribution” (People Management, 2009, p 1).
In conclusion, the research confirmed that organizations benefit immensely when human resources management and marketing strategies are combined to create parallel brands for employees and customers. “Customer commitment depends on employee commitment, and that, in turn, depends on ethical people management” (People Management, 2009, p 1). Integration of HR and marketing synergies make a domino effect that works.


(2009). Research topic: HR and marketing synergies. People Management, 15(25), 40. Retrieved from MasterFILE Premier database.

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