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Culture Shock Essay

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Culture shock

Every country has its own culture, and culture of a country is somewhat different from others. It is not so surprising that every country has its own culture which is different from others since even a family has its own culture which is different from other families. I have experienced cultural differences whenever I traveled outside of my country. I noticed that the Western culture is very different in some ways compared to the Asian culture.
It was 1992 when I first came to the United States for learning ...view middle of the document...

At that time when I was in that dorm, marijuana was popular among the students. Every night, I could smell marijuana and witnessed my American friends smoking it. Almost everyone in the dorm got high every night, and some people ran hallways, banged the door, and screamed. That was a culture shock for me because smoking marijuana is against law in my country.
Three days after, I went to Nebraska to visit one of my friends. I planned to go to Colorado for skiing with other friends from New York and Kansas. On the airplane to Nebraska, I found all stewardesses were very old ladies. Even though the plane was very small, it was shocking for me that a stewardess had a young boy singing a song in front of passengers. It was not bad since all passengers including me smiled and applauded, but it was still shocking to me.
On the way to Denver from Nebraska, I and my friends had to stop at gas stations. The scary thing was that there were so many posters about missing and wanted people. Almost every gas station had one side of wall of full of posters. In my country, it is usually hard to see such posters.
Things that I have mentioned above were the major cultural differences that I have experienced when I got here first time.

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