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Culture Of Violence Essay

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“Culture Of Violence”
Artie Swift
Kaplan University
CJ333: Family and Domestic Violence
Unit 3 Essay
Professor Michael Pozesny

There are several theories that can explain why domestic violence is committed. First you have to take a look into what domestic violence is and how the law relates to a theory to best describe why the domestic violence occurs and how violence or aggressive behavior is involved in the abuse of a spouse or partner. Many people that are the abusers might have a history of violence, they threaten people with violence, they might have abrupt mood changes with abuse to alcohol and drug abuse contributing to their anger. The best theory to help define ...view middle of the document...

” When the soldier returns home they face many of life adjusting issues from being out of their comfort zone, so many tend to turn to alcohol, drugs and violence to cope with the issues they can not control but need to stay level headed when they are out in a new social setting. Many soldiers that are deployed to combat action areas with violence being an everyday part of their deployment are around many other soldiers that are in the same hostile environment so, from them seeing the same negativity day in and day out most develop a way to not become caught up in the surroundings. So, when they leave the violent combat zones and return to their stationed base they are suppose to separate the two from combat and civilian life with many of them coming back to a relationship with a girlfriend, wife or significant other they must try to keep the relationship going with war still on their mind with survival being their way to deal with issues they face with their spouse so if a situation comes up that they feel threatened many of them act out in a violent way committing a domestic violence act against their spouse.
“Domestic violence happens so much in the military that the Department of Defense has made it an item of specific concern. First Sergeants and military police absolute hate domestic call-outs because the solutions are never clear-cut. More often than not, the victims of domestic violence refuse to cooperate because they perceive a threat to their spouse's career.” (, 10/8/2009).
Many soldiers deal with the issues at home in a violent matter with domestic violence being the biggest crime committed against their spouse do to many issues such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD “An anxiety disorder that most often afflicts military personnel that have experienced dangerous situations in combat.”
The soldiers that might suffer from PTSD may be put in a situation with their spouse where any little thing that might trigger an out burst causing the soldier to act out in a violent matter. The best way to help an abusive military spouse is to seek support from their peers, find out the options of reporting to the proper commander, document ever incident and keep current records so when you are seeking help you have everything to help when you are done reporting.
Another example of culture of violence is a child growing up in a house hold where domestic...

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