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Culture Diversity In The United States

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Culture Diversity in the United States

culture Diversity in the United States
For decades, the human race has been identified as nothing more but unique! From the various shades of skin to the native language and geographic native land, people are diverse and have a major impact on our world and society. United States has had major culture changes as money continues to be one of the leading causes to mankind’s problems. However, knowledge of justice has help citizens and the governments realize to a degree, humans are the primary concern rather than the root to all madness “Money”. The effects of money has had an impression on the cultural diversity of the United States primary ...view middle of the document...

Not only did other races experience injustice but also the majority although they are more privilege, experience to a degree mistreatment because of the color of their skin in the form of reverse discrimination.
Gender is an ongoing struggle for equality. Since the 1900s, women liberation open the door for many opportunities that was limited to women in the past. The struggles the women liberation encounter have had a tremendous success. Women today are very productive in the working field. In the past, education and high rank positions in the working world was very limited to women. The challenge today with equality for women’s rights is to have equal pay rates as men. Women are still the lowest paid minority compared to males in the workforce. An educated woman who has attained a doctoral degree is barely earning $3,000 more than a Black man with a bachelor’s degree. The appreciation I receive from examining diversity in the United States is how individuals will come together from the same or different race, culture and advocate for the unity and equality of a group that is lacking justice.
Being an African American has heightened my appreciation for my ancestors that fought for my rights to be a citizen with rights equal to others. Growing up in the inner city, watching drugs kill the inner city children “street” role models; shows that my ancestors did not fight for the African American families to have dysfunctional households but they fought for children to gain a good education, become home owners and be able to have a voice in society. Although the African American culture as a race often experience poverty, individuals can rise above the poverty level, become educated and choose a course of life that brings satisfaction. There are many African Americans who have risen above poverty and are going out to educate the black community on how to become educated and that being smart is not a “white” thing but can be attain. In society today, there are African Americans in high governmental positions, at the top of the world’s largest corporation, educators and military leaders. I have something to be proud of within my race.
United States may be referred as a fast growing population, often associated with unwanted pregnancy. However, there’s another trend that has help increase the population of the United States and that is Immigration. The immigration status within the United States continues to have conflicts. One reason conflicts occur with immigration is largely because of the government. From State to State there are no consistencies; the immigration settle in cities and regions and governmental officials do not have a policy in place to control the illegal and undocumented immigrants that arrive in the United States. Many issues immigration experience is often based on stereotypic bias. For instance, when individuals see people who appear to be Hispanic, they often think that the Hispanic came to the United States illegally....

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