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Culture Differences Essay

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Culture Crossings
Culture has a vast meanings, these include diversity, which is the quality of diverse cultures not just one single culture. Some cultures similar in ways as well as differ. This can be seen when cultures religions and customs are compared. Values and beliefs are what separate cultures apart from each other and bring them together in a way.
What comes to mind first is religion and how different cultures have different religions. Such as someone who comes from a Jewish religion isn’t going to have the same practices as someone who comes from a Christian religion. With that being said, Judaism and Christianity share many aspects, including a common heritage and their look on the Old Testament, there is a fundamental division over Jesus identity and the implies for how Gods working his plan for mankind. I’m sure this all goes back through anthropology and how their cultures diverted from each other. However we see a lot of these culture religious beliefs in our ...view middle of the document...

We Americans have patterns that we follow that another culture from a different country might not follow. For example someone from China will not have the same customs as someone from America and that’s because both countries have different culture living that goes way back in time. For example in American culture colleagues might go to their work parties to get to know each other on a more personal level but outside of their work place they might not want to socialize with their colleagues. This is because they want to keep their private life and work life separate. In Chinese culture they want to know who they are during business with and they want to create trust with them. To them trust is a must when doing any kind of business, and you’re supposed to get to know your partner who you’re working with and follow the right etiquette and socialize with them in a way you wouldn’t do in America. For example Americans speak a different language than someone from China and that descends back to early culture of living in our countries.
Since culture is transmitted through symbols whose meanings remain more or less constant doesn't mean that cultures are static and don't change? On the contrary, cultures are never truly static. Which of us does not remember a grandparent comparing life today with the one s/he grew up in? The changes that took place between his/her lifetime and ours represent subtle cultural shifts in values, the things we use, and the way we use language. “We are increasingly recognizing and accepting, respecting and celebrating, our culture diversity”(Julie Bishop 1). The world is always adding new cultures and every single one is being more and more accepted no matter if its religion or customs or even race. We as society make up the many different cultures we see today, and for the most part we are teaching the new and younger generations so when they are older they can carry out the customs and beliefs. Cultures will grow and collapse but they are what make everyone different and it is an amazing thing the many different ways people live their life. Every culture has its own way of being different no matter what time period all cultures have their own special place.

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