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Culture Competency Essay

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Emerging Standards of Care Paper
Ron Perkins
December 23, 2013
Jane Jacks

Emerging Standards of Care Paper
In nursing, we care for patients from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. This diversity is dependent on location, population, and nursing specialty and may change at any point. In order to properly provide culturally competent care, we must be educated about the individual culture needs and limitations. It's also important to be mentally open to looking beyond our personal norms to care for patients with unique cultural backgrounds and beliefs. As a dialysis nurse, we are seeing the effects of chronic kidney disease affecting a larger, more diverse population of ...view middle of the document...

Fresenius medical care addresses the idea of cultural competence through their standards of Ultra Care on a broad level. There are no policies or guidelines specifically created to address the needs of cultural competency. However, Ultra Care is a guideline established by the company for the workers to provide the best quality care. According to "Fresenius Medical Care" (2006-2013), Fresenius demonstrate Ultra Care “. . . through innovative programs, the latest technology, continuous quality improvement and a focus on superior customer service. Ultra Care is delivered by highly trained staff and demonstrated through dedication, leadership, and compassion by every team member, every day” (Patient Care: Ultra Care). The concept of Ultra Care is taught during orientation, and there are several steps that are required to become certified. "Fresenius Medical Care" (2006-2013) states these steps include: “superior customer service, patient-centered care, and clinical leadership, team approach to care, continuous quality improvement, and innovative technology” (Patient Care: Ultra Care). The employees of the clinic strive to provide the best quality care possible in ordinance with Ultra Care standards. In order to improve care quality and provide superior customer service and patient-centered care, we respect the unique needs of each patient. Renal failure affects people of all backgrounds, and it is important to be aware of the cultural differences from one family to the next.
Populations Served
Fresenius medical care is a dialysis company that serves patients worldwide. They have several locations within the St Louis Missouri area. My personal clinic is located within St. Louis city in a neighborhood called The Hill. According to "Hill 2000 A Neighborhood Association", “once called Fairmount Heights, the highest point in the City, The Hill had German and Irish immigrants working the clay mines. Italians seeking a new future in America came to the area to work those same clay mines and made The Hill their neighborhood in the 1890’s” (History). This offers a rich cultural for this area that remains heavily saturated with German, Irish, and especially Italian descent. With about a third of our patients coming from this area, our clinic has many duel language speaking Italians from very large families. The clinic is within the limits of the city but is right on the boarder of county as well giving the remaining patients a mix of African American and Caucasian. Despite being near the area of the city with a large population of Hispanic and Bosnians, there are currently no patients with those backgrounds.
The patients come from a very diverse background. Some are younger, in their late 30's and early 40's and have young children. The majority of our patients are a bit older, in their late 50's to early 60's, and can care for themselves or have children that can offer assistance if needed. Then there are a few patient's that are in their...

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