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Culture And Subculture Essay

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Culture and Subculture
Youth Soccer offers a healthy activity through its game associations. These associations give emphasis to the ENJOYABLE, and participate in not on winning no matter what the cost. Each child is assured of time on the field and the game is communicated in an enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere (What Is Youth Soccer, 2012).
The reason for NASA is to improve, encourage and run a broad-minded soccer association. The objectives of their soccer association are to (Newton Area Soccer Association, 2013):
A. Deliver an enjoyable, entertaining and learning opportunity by way of structured soccer.
B. Deliver USYSA/ISA association to team participants who would otherwise be ...view middle of the document...

” The second group supported moving the ball by means of the feet. Because of the ceremonial assembly of this association, the guidelines that they accepted it eventually developed into what is known as “Association Football.” It is generally recognized that the term “association” was originally shortened to “assoc” this later developed into “soccer.” “Soccer” is the collective name for the game in the United States, though most of the world calls the game “football.”
The current sport of soccer is overseen in the world by the Federation Internationale de Football Association or “FIFA” (fee-fuh). The FIFA-accepted prevailing organization for soccer in the United States is the United States Soccer Federation or “USSF.” The USSF is broken down into associations for adults and youths and additionally sub-divided into State and local associations. Besides the USSF, there is an explosion of associations in the United States that share the common ground of soccer. They each have their own resolution and even have their own guidelines for the behavior of the game (Soccer History - In Brief Overview, 2005-2013).
The data are astounding; the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) officially recorded its one millionth youth in 1983. It is projected that 8 million Americans participate in soccer at all levels, with 3 million youths younger than 10 participate competitively. The YMCA reports soccer as its biggest team sport, with 400,000 boys and girls joining through 900 YMCAs .
The notion of soccer being a national cultural occurrence in the United States is only now sneaking into our shared consciousness as soccer extents into our middle-class structure and into our practice fields, where only a few years ago there were only football goal posts. Up until the beginning of the 1970s, soccer had been the domain of ethnic associations, with the St. Louis CYOs, some boarding schools, developing in densely populated high schools, and colleges/universities representing domestic talent. Nowadays, soccer is quickly becoming white, middle-class, suburban, and small...

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