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Culturally Competent Health Promotion Essay

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Culturally Competent Health Promotion
C. Howard

Culturally Competent Health Promotion
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) states that “Nurses have the opportunity to play a central role in transforming the health care system to create a more accessible, high quality, and value driven environment for patients” (Institute Of Medicine, 2010, pg. 85). The Affordable Care Act of 2020 describes a new care structure, with new nursing roles to deliver a more holistic and culturally competent care in the United States health care system. The main focus is centered on patient care needs. Health care is advancing care towards the community, ...view middle of the document...

The mother graduated with an ADN in nursing herself and that is what inspired the knowledge of and having more of a sense of health and wellness. Insurance was available then utilized more freely to prevent illness and monitor health.
”In the U.S., health care is a commodity that can be purchased according to an individual's ability to pay… Poor people cannot afford health insurance. That limits their access to health care service…” (Edelman & Mandle, 2009, pg. 40). Many families and individuals are below or just at the poverty level, and lack the ability to pay out right for health care resources. With decreased ability to pay for even preventative services, patients who are ill will more likely accumulate bills for much more expensive services such as emergency room care and lengthy hospital stays. This can be financially and emotionally straining on low income families, thus keeping them in a cycle of illness and not promoting a state of wellness.
Currently today in Oregon, health care has seen an increase in the Hispanic population. The low income biracial Hispanic-white family interviewed has strong connections primarily to the ethnicity of Mexican heritage, and has a stronger belief in utilizing modern medicine when urgency of illness exceeds their ability to manage it with cultural practices. These practices have been shared and utilized throughout several generations. This Hispanic family has insurance but still feels unsure on its use and implications it will have on their health. Generally, the family looks to their eldest for remedies and spiritual healing. There is a strong connection to the Catholic teachings and they are practiced daily through prayer. Elder members have difficulty with the modern health system due to poor English speaking ability, which causes challenges communicating with the provider. Family is integral to all aspects of wellness and illness and must focus on health as a unit.
The second family is of the Chinese-Filipino-American culture, and has a somewhat different outlook on the health care system as well. They have a strong sense of family connection and belief in imbalances of energy (Ying, Yang, Chi, and Jing) within the body to the physical environment. “An imbalance in energy can be caused, for instance, by yielding to strong emotions or eating an improper diet. In their interactions, humans and the universe are both susceptible to the elements of earth, fire, water, metal, and wood” (Edelman & Mandle, 2009, pg 36). The use of herbs, meditation,...

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