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Cultural Values Essay

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Each person develops in some type of culture. It is the environment that we live in that determines what we learn, how we learn it, and the rules for living with others. My family and I are Peruvian. That would make me Hispanic in the United States. My origins are straight from Peru. I came to the United States when I was 12 years old, so my beliefs and traditions haven’t changed from when I was still in Peru. There are rules that are transmitted from one generation to the next and are often adapted to the times and locations, and these rules are absorbed by children as we develop and learn about home country traditions, customs and beliefs. These customs will still follow us throughout ...view middle of the document...

She took care of my siblings and I. She took us to school, and every afternoon she sat with us to help us do homework. She always taught us to be responsible. Every time we received good grades, my parents rewarded us with presents, or trips. Thus, they helped me shape in a way that now I think that for every little or big thing I put effort into, there will always be some reward for it at the end. Not presents or trips anymore but there will be things that will help me have a good future. Beginning with growing up, as a young Hispanic, I did not look forward to the life ahead of me with thoughts of myself outside the family. Everything I went through as I was growing up was shared with some member of my family. I grew up spending most of the time with my brother, sister, and cousins as friends. My family often gathered together to celebrate holidays, birthdays. There were times when I spent time alone, but most of the time I spent it enjoying company of my family. The way in which I relate to my parents is different also. There was a respect that was demanded from children towards their elders. My family taught my siblings and I the importance of good manners, respect for the elderly, and motivated us to continue our education. I always did well in school; I had the advantage of my parents' guidance. My family has always had strong faith in me; they knew I was going to go far in life. I consider myself a role model to my younger brother, and I want him to follow the same path that I am. I also grew up knowing that for my parents nothing is more important in their lives than my siblings and I. No matter how busy they are, there is always time for us. I grew up with the essential knowledge that my parents and all the other adults in my family as well have always put me first. My history has molded me into a hardworking individual. I want to strive for the best I can be.
When my family and I moved to the United States I thought I was losing a valuable part of my life. I wasn’t going to be able to see my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins every day. Even though I was still with my parents and siblings I knew I was leaving people that were indispensable to my life. I knew everything was going to change. But it was then when I came to know my culture values. It took perhaps the combination of being in another, foreign culture and being away from my own to make clear to me the impact of culture on my life. I began to know the value of Familismo. I started to value more than before the close relationship I had with my...

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