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Cultural Studies Essay

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Topics in Cultural Studies
Brenda Johnson
Unit 1 Discussion Board

Culture Makeup

Ancient civilizations are the foundation of the world as we know it today, was built on ruins of 10,000 years of advanced cultures such as the Greek, Roman, Mesopotamia, Mayan, Indus, Egyptian.

Ancient history began with the invention/communication of art and then writing in about 3100 BC and lasted for centuries.

Natural environment was an influence that help with the makeup of early ...view middle of the document...

Science and development of their knowledge in how to use new tools and how that knowledge helped with simplifying how they hunted, build, and planted. Trading brought about interaction between many different cultures. Agriculture made it possible to settle down in a permanent community and not to have to always be on the move hunting for food; once farming was developed mankind did not have to be on the move continuously; learning to control the production of food and to keep a good supply of food and cattle on hand then their lives started to changed dramatically and completely.

Because of the cultural makeup social issues did come up; such as conflicts between groups of people who believed differently.

Pros and Cons of Revisionist History

Revisionist history is a reinterpretation of what we call facts or truth surrounding a historical event. I agree with the way the revisionist can attack an event and look for fraud in the story or event and set the record straight. Revisionist history consists in the art of detecting fraud and then having the courage to put it out there publicly stripping away illusion even when the whole world sees it differently.

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