Cultural Event Essay

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Writing Assignment: Essay 3 – Cultural Event
David Warner
Professor Christine Prickett
Hum 112 World Cultures II
March 16, 2013

For my cultural event, I chose to go to the Walters Museum, in Baltimore Md. I took my wife with me as she used to do an internship there years ago, and it is her favorite museum. I myself am not a typical museum enthusiast, as well I feel there is only one good place in Baltimore, and that is Johns Hopkins hospital. Nonetheless, I looked this as a nice way to spend a day with her, and did approach the museum with an open mind, as it was a new experience, and she was excited to go. Upon arriving on Sunday March 3, 2014, the first thing that stood out ...view middle of the document...

Once I read the description, and re-assessed this picture, I could see the detail in the facial expressions that expressed the “love sick” feelings that Ter Borch and this baroque style painting are conveying to the audience.

My second choice of a work to describe is “Vision of Cornelius the Centurion” by Gerbrand Van Den Eeckhout. Gerbrand Van Den Eeckhout learned the lesson of using shadowing and light to highlight aspects of his paintings from his teacher Rembrandt van Rijn. This painting is another baroque style painting, signed and dated in 1664. Upon viewing this work, I noticed a dark, almost blurred background, and the use of light colors bring attention to what appears to be an angel hovering over what appears to be a soldier. The use of the light colors highlights the angels clothes and also the soldiers armor. Upon reading the description of the painting, it represents the contact of a divine angle telling the human to seek out St. Peter for preaching on Christ. The human is obviously the one without the wings, the centurion, and is kneeling on the ground, representing the submission to a greater authority. Most of this I did not initially pick up, but one is able to see the description in the painting once learning the intent of it.
In summary, the event was a positive experience. Not only was I able to spend time with my wife doing something she enjoys and touring a highly regarded museum, I was able to take in a cultural experience and piece together how artwork can be viewed with a little knowledge from our class. Am I an expert after this? Nowhere close, but did I gain more appreciation for what we studied? ...

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