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Cultural Diversity Essay

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We Can But Should We
David Chu
DeVry University

Diversity in the Work Environment

We live in a world full of differences. This is also what diversity means. Diversity is defined as the differences we are as human beings. No one is the same. This is also what makes everyone special in their own ways. There is diversity everywhere you go especially where I am from in NYC, Queens where it is very racially diverse.
I work in a huge hospital called North Shore University Hospital and it is very important to understand the cultural, ethnic, and gender differences in order for me to survive as an RN. Here I meet new people every day and these people are from all around the world. This is one of the reasons why I love my job. I get to learn and understand different people from all corners of the world which is very interesting to me.
Not everything here is always sweet. Many times I have witnessed ...view middle of the document...

She has also been accused of having bad bedside manners. That accusation comes from the notion that Korean people have bad attitudes and no manners. I do not believe this to be true and I can understand that these behaviors that Jane sometimes expresses are due to the fact that she gets frustrated because of her language barrier and high level of stress that we nurses have which manifests into portraying bad bedside manners. I know this because sometimes when Jane is under a lot of pressure, she will start to cry, I will then try to console her and she tells me these things.
While I am on this subject, I can relate the ball and sock experiment to my work environment because the experiment asks us to hold onto a ping pong ball or similar object in our dominant hand and wrap a sock around it, and then proceed with our daily activities with our non-dominant hand. It feels very awkward because we are not used to using our non-dominant hand and everything feels harder to do. This is like the diversity in the world we live in. Trying to understand and learn about other cultures that are different from our own. This is a challenge indeed.
I am left handed and I have adapted to the right handed world to being ambidextrous. I feel lefties to be at a bit of a disadvantage. One example is when I was in high school; we had the seats with the table attached that has the tables connected from the right side. Our left arms have nothing to rest on because the tables are positioned on the right side! Have you ever looked at a left handed person’s pinky after writing a lengthy paper? It is full of ink because when we write, we continuously smudge the ink while writing from left to right.
In conclusion, this world that we live in is and will always be full of differences. I personally think that this is a benefit because if we put all the different yet positive minds together, we can accomplish bigger feats and this can only be a positive thing for human beings. If we could only get past the ethnocentrism and prejudice that we all feel sometimes, this world will be a better place.


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