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Cultural Diplomacy Through Music Essay

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Cultural Diplomacy through Music
‘‘Who writes the Nation’s songs shapes the Nation’s souls,’’ said Abraham Lincoln. This quote is relevant to today’s crisis: the influence of music on our youth. Music has been known to influence those who listen since the end of the Industrial Revolution, when people had more leisure time and the demand for entertainment and amusement began to increase. This is significant because media has a powerful influence on society and affects how we dress, act, and think. In The Republic by Plato, Socrates argues against Thrasymachus’ idea that "Obedience to the interest of the stronger" will lead to a successful tyranny. Socrates believes that "justice is the ...view middle of the document...

Education is essentially driven through music. In the story about Homer, the poetic educator of Greece, uses his parlance to shape the culture during his time. Plato believes “There is an old quarrel between philosophy and poetry.” Plato realizes the influence poetry has on the members of The Republic and that often times it can be harmful. It makes certain behaviors acceptable and makes it difficult for people to think for themselves. However, Socrates’s mission is to teach members of The Republic that they must investigate the mimetic poetry and discover for themselves if what they are listening to is correct. Socrates acknowledges that if the gods commit unjustified acts, that the youth will think it is acceptable and participate in these dishonorable acts, which we see being done in current day society.
In Plutarch’s Moralia, we are introduced to the philosophical dichotomy between Apollo and Dionysus. These duos of opposing forces are much like twins. The Apollonian force is defined by its reliance on reason, order, control, individuality, and sober thought, and seeks to bring philosophic order to the universe. The Dionysian philosophy is that which embraces mysticism, emotion, and chaos. We see these gods working together in current day societ. If then anyone ask, “What has this do with Apollo?” we shall say that it concerns not only him but also Dionysus whose share in Delphi is no less than that of Apollo. Now we hear the theologians affirming and reciting, sometimes in verse and sometimes in prose, that the god is deathless and eternal in his nature, but, owing forsooth to some predestined design and reason, he undergoes transformations of his person, and at one time enkindles his nature into fire, call him Apollo because of his solitary state, and Phoebus because of his purity and stainlessness. And as for him turning into winds and water, earth and stars, and into the generations of plants and animals, and his adoption of such guises, they speak in a deceptive way of what he undergoes in his transformation as a tearing apart, as it were, and dismemberment. They give him the names of Dionysus, Zagreus, Nyctelius, and Isodaetes; they construct destructions and disappearances, followed by returns to life and regenerations- riddles and fabulous tales quite in keeping with the aforesaid transformations. To this god they also sing the dithyrambic strains laden with emotion and transformation that includes a certain wandering and dispersion. (388-389)
The people this generation idolizes and emulates the most are current pop stars in the music industry. This industry has a huge influence on the current generation and as Socrates believes, “educating them in music and gymnastics” determines the man or woman they will become. While Socrates believes in teaching justice through education and gymnastics, our society in its corrupt manner is using music to indoctrinate our youth and promote unjust behavior. Many of the artists in the music...

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