Cultural Dilemmas In Business Management Essay

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In reconciling cultural dilemmas in the business context, it is important to use the model presented by Trompenaars. She identified reconciliation as part of building transcultural competence. And there are three essential components of transcultural competence; awareness, respect and reconciling cultural differences, these are necessary steps towards developing transcultural competence. Individuals who find themselves in foreign cultures need to be themselves for the partnership to work. Therefore the reconciliation of differences is essential, and further, a look at how the other cultural perspective can be of help.
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The four culture types include Incubator, Guided missile, Family and Eiffel Tower. The knowledge of culture in the context of this model brings about the management of cultures which creates a corporate culture in an organization where people will work together to achieve the organizations goal, reconciling dilemmas that originate from issues of corporate culture.
In examining the culture of an organization with regards to leadership, I learnt that, to a greater degree, the organizations culture is determined by the founding leader, his practices, priorities and methods of addressing issues becomes the culture of the organization in the long-run and it becomes difficult to change even in a different working environment. It is adopted by every other individual worker. In terms of organizational leadership, a scientific approach is applied in large government agencies and big private companies. This is known as the bureaucratic approach to leadership. Furthermore, there is a combination of the scientific and human approach to focus on the role of the decision maker. Relating this to the role of a leader in an organization, each leader has their own focus which they carry out through their structure and system. The cooperate strategy developed by the leader are aimed at accomplishing the goals of the organization. However, the culture of an individual in the organization is embedded in each unit which has its objectives that aligns with cooperate strategy and goals. The Vroom-Yetton-Jago decision model identified three types of leadership in decision-making i.e. autocratic, consultative and participative leadership. Leaders and managers employ any of these types of leadership as it suits their organizational culture.
It is important to note that there may be a need to change an organizations culture, so it is important to know how to effect the change and of course detect the changes required. A detailed guide is the authentic organizational change model which comprises the input, process and output stages. The process stage is in three levels – organizational, team and individual levels. At the organizational level, the goals will breakdown to objectives and passed down to the team level. The team is the most effective unit where their functions include decision making and problem solving. Their objective is to develop cohesiveness and performance as their output. The final process is the individual level where there is autonomy, evidence of skill variety is seen which leads to motivation and satisfaction as output.
In the context of organizational culture, the international marketing focuses more on branding which includes ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The branding process takes into consideration such features as philanthropists, ethics, legal issues and economics as the bottom line. Every company’s major target is to comply with laws and regulations and most importantly, to make profits. The CSR however, tends to focus...

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