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Cultural Change; Accept Or Change? Essay

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The culture becomes an identity of an organization depicted by rituals, procedure which are prescribed , language, emblem and artifacts. (Clegg, Kornberger & Pitsis 2011) When a leader associates oneself with an organization, he has to amalgamate the transactional and transformational approach in a way that it is beneficial for the progression and it proves to be productive. Changing organization's culture is an intricate task and certainly very arduous as rightly put by Schein(1992) it is the organization's composition and basal utility. If the culture is very conducive and its pertaining to a large organization which has succeeded in one's ...view middle of the document...

With a clear vision, a leader can bring immense improvement in the organization's culture, even if the outcome is not as desirable as one conceived, it's worth the effort since triumph has no limitation. A leader must embody an ability to self transform in some way, have to understand oneself and have staunch belief in one's approach and methodology . (Erikson, M, 2008) One needs to exercise self authorship; gauging ones reflection so as to prove as a paragon and trigger the change in the organization; this is one of the quintessential roles of leaders seeking to bring a cultural change for the betterment and progression of the organization. Leader doesn't have to see the organization as a separate part of themselves, its one process and correlate with system thinking (Erikson, M, 2008). It also depends on the strategic and opportune orientation; imitative approach can be less challenging than innovative and it already sets the benchmark so the scope for progression is also constrained.(Zhou 2006). It can be subjective as discussed above but leader should change the culture aiming to be the pioneers in the competitive industry which can open various avenues of success and tap the right kind of environment, skills and adopt technological betterment which needs to amend the internal behavior and external alliance (Valencia, Jimenez & Valle 2011). A leader trying to change the culture also means he is trying to inculcate the concept of adhocracy which improves their apprehension towards adversity; which is one the essential values of successful risk taking organizations. Even the reputed and biggest organization keep on modifying their culture for the betterment since it fosters creative orientation and leads to efficiency, competence, reformed performance and welfare. (Glisson 2007)
In order to survive high paced developments and to cope up with technological leaps, the leader has to constantly share knowledge, vision, improvd systems/procedures and coherent relationships. As rightly put by Veronica Lacey, CEO, The learning partnership, "The sign of outstanding and inspired leadership is the ability to lead rather than be led by the forces of change". At times the culture becomes old not able to match up to the complexed, chaotic and modern times and the organizational progress becomes stagnant. A leader joining trying to bring a change in the culture, primarily it's all about strategizing. The roles a leader has to acquire are alliance, communicating a clear change vision , commissioning broad based action, introducing new practical approaches, creating a sense of importunateness, unfold revitalization in the business units, monitoring and then according controlling the strategies (Fullen, 2001). It's about creating a mind set to adapt the leading change for the better. Re culturing would inculcate best ideas and it's about innovating or changing the most but actually establishing exemplary best performance standards and the need for this...

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