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In a world filled with every possible career imaginable, one may be a bit skeptical to choose one within the field of anthropology; however, for those who are intellectually oriented, it can be a rewarding and stimulating career, the benefits quite worth the years spent learning the information and necessary skills required by this multifarious field. Typically, when considering a career in a field as intellectually strenuous as this, one must be aware of the varying opportunities in the anthropological job market and how to make use of said opportunities. One must also become very familiar with the necessities and requirements associated with this career field.

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However, merely getting a bachelor’s degree in anthropology alone can provide with valuable skills that can be applicable to a wide variety of other professions. So, even one not pursuing a job as an anthropologist, they could use what they learned in any job that would require an even basic understanding of human and cultural behavior. However, it is not uncommon for an anthropologist to be employed by a college or university as a lecturer or professor.

An anthropologist will typically have varying working conditions, working anywhere from harsh deserts and wild rain forests, sleeping in tents, to an air conditioned office or library on a college campus, and everything in between. A college professor might find it simpler to work on campus rather than conducting in the field research, however, as an educator, they could have less flexible hours; grading papers, teaching, and so forth. Working in the field, however, would prove to be quite the opposite set of circumstances. In this situation, one can expect to have very liberal working hours, but the physical exertion involved would require great stamina and not many are up to it. The decision, however, is up to the anthropologist, himself, and whatever the choice, they can expect to receive a plethora of benefits.

When contemplating a career in anthropology, or in any field for that matter, one of the most important topics on a young job-seeker’s mind are the benefits! When searching for a job, one focuses mainly on two things: Whether or not they will enjoy it, and whether or not their salary will cover their basic needs. Everyone has needs(including food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation, healthcare) and in order to fulfill these needs, one must have the money required by today's society to pay for those expenses. As such, it is no wonder why people worry about their salaries. As mentioned earlier, cultural anthropology is an increasingly variable field, therefore, the salaries for the related careers can be very different. The median salary would be approximately $44,000 a year for an anthropologist, but if working as a college professor, it can range from as little as $25,000 a year, up to almost $90,000 a year. This depends, of course, upon certain circumstances and opportunities that are, nonetheless, within the reaches of any hardworking anthropologist. Other benefits which can be gained from a career as a college professor are health insurance, pension plans, and paid vacations. Not all advantages are monetary, however. Many will find that...

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