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Typically artists produce works to inform the audience of something. Whether it may be clear or unclear as to what the artist is trying to convey, all artists’ works contain ideas which at times comment on the values and beliefs of society. But how do artists cultivate and communicate these ideas in their works? To effectively do this, almost every aspect of the work from start to finish is important. From the material practice of producing the work and the final product, to the conceptual practice of what the audience perceives, all these things aspects from start to finish enable artists to cultivate and communicate their ideas about the values and beliefs of society. This idea of ...view middle of the document...

The idea of this had never been seen before at the time, because previously no other European artists had ventured into gaining inspiration from non-European artwork. However Picasso was different and these materialistic approaches seen in his work were drawn from the inspiration of African works in the form of sculpture. In addition, he abandoned the tradition of one-point perspective and chose to view the subject from several different points of view simultaneously, which also was criticized at the time. These differences from traditional works also mirrored the phase in which society was going through. Thanks to technology and science, life was moving at a faster pace and was vastly different to past lifestyles. The original reception that this materialistic approach received was from the people that were still living static lifestyles. However with the changes brought about by science and technology, people started appreciating the techniques of Picasso as it enabled them the freedom to create instead of imitate. Thus we can see through Picasso’s practical approach that artists can cultivate and communicate ideas about a society through the way they depict and approach an artwork. Through his materialistic approach, Picasso references the changing lifestyles of the early 20th century societies.
Also in terms of the materialistic approach, an artist can cultivate and communicate ideas through the response that the audience purveys. Using this work as an example we can see this through some of the responses given by others at the time. After viewing the work, artist Georges Braque said that Picasso had been ‘drinking turpentine and spitting fire’ and was more like a ‘carny performer than an artist’, which was said in reference to Braque viewing the intensity and ugliness of the work. Braque’s views however changed which in a way mirrored the way society viewed the work too. Originally it was not loved by everyone, but as society changed, so did the way people viewed the work. Therefore through this we can see that an artist can cultivate and communicate ideas about a society in the way people receive their work.
Similarly the conceptual practice of an artist’s work can communicate ideas about the values and beliefs of a society. This is because the concept which the artist proposes in their work draws a reaction from the audience, which in turn communicates ideas about the values and beliefs of a society. In the same work by Picasso, we can see how he comments on society thanks to his concept. Originally the work was to include a man in it with the women. This man was the client of the whores. However the final work did eliminated this man, as Picasso intends the viewer to be the client, thus putting us into the work. By putting the audience into the client’s sofa, Picasso transmits the sexual anxiety which is the real subject of the work. The bold gaze of the women is interrogatory and as remote as stone. Nothing about...

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