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A business report is meant to put across information useful to a particular business. Actually, a business reports lets the stake holders know the position that their investment stands. These reports also provide problems that have been faced by the business and also the strategic plans that are supposed help solve the problems in future. The following report is basically evaluating two companies’ annual reports. This report will consider all factors such as services, products, and the environment as well as stake holders, both internal and external; based on the annual reports of both, Mitsubishi and Sony ...view middle of the document...

The report covers vast nine areas that were selected as a way of pinpointing the best avenues for material acquisition in the 2008 fiscal. It has also gone a step further to elaborate on their Medium-Term Management Plan that were applied since August 2011 as well as the initiatives that were taken by the Group to address damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake that had devastating effects.

The report is not just merely aiming at reporting and disclosing their CSR activities but is also aimed at instrumentally improving and kick starting a process for the evolution and diversification of their CSR activities. Because of this, is done in a precise and accurate way to give the most relevant and meaningful information that is key in the growth of the process. The report keenly follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines as a part and parcel of their admission of their activities as still is required given their association in CCMM, MCSR (2010).

The disclosure of the information for the company is not only found in the report on material CSR but also a wide range of information could be found conjoined in the CSR section in their website all in a bid to efficiently report on the extensive CSR activities.

In as much as the report may be more focused on the fiscal 2011, it has also incorporated a selection of reports related to activities before and after that time.

Being a member of the ICMM Mitsubishi has taken up the publication of the Metals Company Supplementary Data Book that is a vast online report that reviews the undertakings of their Metal Company, all in an aim for full disclosure, MCSR (2010). It has also incorporated the actions undertaken by their three smelting companies; Hosokura Metal Mining Co. Ltd, Onahama Smelting & refining Co. Ltd and PT Smelting (Indonesia).

The company has used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines the 3.0 version. The company has also given a disclaimer that any individual that decides to venture into investment to the company, relying on the information provided in the report shall be personally liable for any damage or losses accruing thereof since the decision should be personal.

Sony Annual report 2012- Business and CSR Review

The report is custom made so as to show the company’s activities over the fiscal year 2011 both in the Corporate Social Responsibility taken up as well as in business wise. It has also the introduction of the new CEO and president Kazuo Hirai.

The company discloses the three major businesses that it is running which are: electronics, financial services as well as entertainment. Both the financial and the entertainment services were experiencing a rooted and promising business ground and are anticipated to grow in the future, Sony Global (2012). However, on the other hand there is the electronics business that remains stormy and very much harsh. The proceeds were relatively low as a result of the...

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