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Csr At Mcdonald's Essay

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The most essential characteristic of an organisation is the focus on ethical behavior. By ‘doing the right thing’ internally and externally the business can create a good working environment, whereas at the same time the surroundings and the society takes advantage. Difficult is that ethical matters are based on individual principles and ideals. Resultantly, ethical matters are not easy to put into effect and easy to overlook. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is rapidly becoming one of the principles on which modern business is built (Hancock, 2004). Areas can be identified were improvements should be made, and use it for strategies in future business plans. CSR refers to the economic, ...view middle of the document...

Companies have different objectives to realize CSR. Some organisations using CSR to reduce costs and others are willing to develop a strengthen the image (Honds, de Bakker & Neergaard, 2007). To assess McDonald’s social performance the discretionary responsibility can be evaluated. Discretionary responsibility connotes an unpaid organisations’ ambition to administer to society’s benefits without getting something in return (Spencer and Butler, 2004). Additionally the responsibilities go over public expectations (Zain, 2008). The community support of McDonald’s is a basic value and the corporation takes it very seriously. The company’s objective shows that McDonald’s is not simply a profit making organisation, to create additional value to their consumers and the society. The variety of discretionary responsibilities is taking action in various dimensions. These responsibilities are namely Partnerships & Sponsorships, Owner/Operator Involvement, Disaster Relief and Children’s programs & Ronald McDonald House Charities (McDonald’s Corporate Responsibility, 2007).

After Fritzsche and Becker (1984) ethical responsibility covers behavior which is not implemented in laws. Moreover the ethical responsibility is not the straight trade and industry importance. Ethical stands for to act with equity, fairness and impartiality (Fritzsche et al., 1984). Examples to evaluate ethical performance can also be shown at the ethical performance of the McDonald’s corporation. Every year a worldwide Anti-McDonald’s Day is arranged which demonstrates against McDonald’s unethical behavior; promotion of Junk Food, unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives (Infoshop News, 2005). By targeting of children with the unhealthy fast food, McDonald’s uses incentives to attract the children with playgrounds, clubs and free toys. Young children between 2 and 5 cannot differentiate between TV programs and advertisings, so that the society interprets McDonalds as unethical (Media Awareness Network, 2009).

The first type of response to specific social pressures the essay focuses on is the proactive response. The proactive respond react to wrongdoing of the business and ensure initiatives that take a more proactive stance promoting ethical values and encouraging employees to seek to high ethical ideals (Treviano & Weaver, 2003). The companies have willingness to comunicate, have a long term focus and came not through pressure of the stakeholders. Furthermore a centre of attention is on building lasting relationships based on trust and mutual understanding of the company (Hancock, 2004). An example how an organisation can respond proactively to specific social pressures can be seen at the responses of the Mc Donald’s corporation. “Take us from reactive and proactive.” the Vice President of communications of McDonald’s Mike Donahue said in 2002 (Frank, 2004)....

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