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Csi Analysis

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The purpose of this project is to provide the reader of this paper with a descriptive analysis of an episode of Crime Scene Investigations (C.S.I.). The intent is to show what is provided by the television series of what happens in a crime and what is supposed to happen during a crime scene investigation. The reader should be able to understand during this analysis to what in fact is non-realistic in this television episode and what is reality as determined by what has been researched. This will show what really happens in a crime scene investigations lab.
The episode chosen for this review was CSI: Miami, The Golden Parachute. The episode begins with an aircraft taking important people ...view middle of the document...

The black boxes were recovered later in the show because they were stolen by the fishermen in order to get some sort of compensation for the boxes. This was not accurately portrayed in this episode as well. Some of these things will be pointed out later in this paper. In the end, after all the evidence was analyzed and tested, it was determined that the secretary was murdered by her boss. (2002)
The episode showed many realistic and unrealistic things that were astonishing. . Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN wrote an op-ed in the New Yorker explaining the impact of television and the court room. Toobin points out that CSI the show had glamourized the investigative process and the science on how the results were actually given. (Toobin, 2007) The realistic things that were noticed were how they gathered the bodies and body parts. They were tagged with identification and taken to an area to be examined further. They were able to get the killers finger prints while he was in the hospital because he was the only survivor of the crash. The photographer took photographs of the crimes scene and how the investigators conducted their jobs. They interviewed the next of kin immediately after determining the identity of the passengers.
There were unrealistic things that stood out as well. The were the level two biohazard, the job of the crime scene investigator, handling of the aircraft, an endoscopy that was used determine bullet markings, no CT scans were performed on the bodies, no photographs of the bodies were taken before autopsy, casting impressions of the chest plate for rivet identification match, local crime scene investigative agents were handling the aircraft investigation and crime scene investigators were doing the testing of all evidence. The National Institute of Justices has a guide that should be followed while doing crime scene investigations. These sections are the arrival at the scene, preliminary documentation and evaluation of the scene, processing the scene, completing and recording the crime scene investigations and crime scene equipment. (Travis et al, 2000) The patterns of proper crime investigation protocol was not followed throughout the episode to insure the required rules that our governed by law enforcement. Crime Scene Investigators are lab technicians that are responsible for searching for evidence that will help solve a crime based on science. They work on blood samples, hair, fibers, impressions, gun and ballistics analysis. They do not play the role of police officer as portrayed in The Golden Parachute episode and arrested the perpetrator (2002). The aircraft crash was only handled by the crimes scene investigators in the episode and no mention of the FAA or NTSB. The NTSB was created by Congress in 1967 to handle any aviation and any other mode of transportation related accidents. They have the jurisdiction to handle all accidents when it pertains to aircraft of any kind. They were never called in the episode. A level two...

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