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Cscc Marketing 101 Case 1 Essay

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MKTG WEB16975 Case 1 July 17, 2011

Proctor & Gamble Co., headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a multinational organization which manufactures a wide variety of consumer products. For example, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Pampers and so on. As one of the top fifty companies on the Fortune 500 list, Proctor & Gamble has a clear positioning and a focused mission. The mission statement, which P&G calls purpose statement, states that, “We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumers, now and for generations to come. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, ...view middle of the document...


In every company, there are many job positions related to marketing. The ones interests me the most are: advertising media planner and media traffic. Media planner seems fun to me because the person needs to determine the right mix of advertising campaign through TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and all kinds of media. (Advertising & Public Relations, 2009). Media traffic sounds just sounds so interesting. “The media traffic personnel analyzes, selects and contracts for space or time in the various media that will be used in the campaign.” (Advertising & Public Relations, 2009). If I have a chance to get a career between these two, I would like to be an advertising media planner. My job would be define the target market, organize the advertising campaign, and let consumers see our ads in the right places at the right times. I do not think this job requires a degree higher that a bachelor’s degree. But it is very important that I have both education of liberal arts and business, because it in important to know about different kinds of media and about marketing strategy. However, more important that education, I believe experience is crucial to media planner. By working in some media department, I can improve creativity and communication skills. It is also important to work with other marketing department so that it is easy to understand what a company should do to satisfy consumer’s needs. Nowadays, as companies become more and more global, it is becoming increasing important to gain skills in at least one foreign language.

As a global organization, Proctor & Gamble provides jobs all over the world. They have a certain kind of job in many countries, for example, there is assistant brand manager in Russia, Vietnam and Poland. They also provide different jobs in one country. For example, marketing specialist in Hong Kong, China and marketing logistic manager in marketing departement in Guangzhou, China. P&G also sets detailed qualifications for their jobs. For instance, the qualifications for a standard fulltime marketing specialist in Hong Kong are listed as following (Marketing, 2011): · College or degree owner

· · · ·

2-3 years marketing experience Strong ownership and leadership Strong problem solving and project management skill Good communication & collaboration skills with both internal customer and outside suppliers

· ·

Able to work independently Strong passion to drive innovation and breakthrough in business/spending pool and organization.

I got 72 out of 74 on the Knowledge part, and 100% on the Impression part. As I am from China, the Voyage Beijing is a very interesting but different game for me. It is interesting because that I am familiar with all the things discussed in the game, but they are all explained in English from a foreigner’s point of view. The most surprising thing for me in this game is that there are many tiny details that I did not notice since I lived in China for 18 years. But when people...

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