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Cs251 Fundamantals Of Database Systems Ip 1 5

1710 words - 7 pages

CS251-1301B-03 Fundamentals of Database Systems
Phase 1 -5 Individual Project
March 24th, 2013

Table of Contents
Project Outline 3
Description of the Database Design Life Cycle 4
The Entity Relationship Diagram 7
The Logical Model and Normalization 9
The Microsoft Access Database 11
The Microsoft Access Database Application 14
References: 18

Project Outline

  My idea for a project concept is for a granite fabrication and installation company called MasterStoneWorks. We will perform counter sales, contractor and walk-in customer kitchen and bath design, templates, fabrication, installation, and follow-up. To run efficiently (or at all) we must have a ...view middle of the document...

3. Design – The requirements needed for functioning, support, and training are designed in this step. Emphasis is given to the functioning of the system and is produced as a high level guide. All the technical details for developing the system are created in a final system design.
4. Development and Testing – This step involves using the final system design to acquire or develop the system. Testing of units, integration, performance, system, and acceptance are done to ensure system functionality and the sponsor’s requirements and that all segments/structures, communications, applications, procedures, and documentation are in place, tested, and integrated. End users are implemented to verify and thoroughly test that the system functions as required.
5. Implementation – This phase involves installing the system in its planned operating arena, training the users, converting data, turning the system over to the sponsor, and evaluating its performance and processes. System bugs are identified and corrected and planning for sustaining the system takes place.
6. Operations and Maintenance – This step is where the system becomes operational and that the sponsors needs are met with expected system performance. Hardware and software is maintained and upgraded as necessary to continue expected operation and performance. User training is maintained for users and support for reported problems is ongoing.
7. Disposition – This is the end of a systems life cycle and shutdown is scheduled due to it becoming obsolete. Data is preserved for possible reactivation or future access. The emphasis is on ensuring that the system components along with the data is prepared and disposed of accordingly (Brownfield, n.d.).
Describe the specific tasks that should be taken at each step in the database development for your selected database:
* Requirement Analysis – Determine the information needs of my organization so that I can develop a database. What do my employees need in the way of accessing, storing and writing information? Show activity steps in each department.
* Logical Design – Create a conceptual model (an entity-relationship diagram) based on findings in the requirements analysis that shows tables, fields, and primary keys of the database and show table relationships (keys). Tables must then be normalized to resolve problems and maximize efficiency.
* Physical Design – Find ways to maximize database efficiency. Pay attention to the two slowest operations in an RDBMS – retrieving and writing data.
* Implementation – Install the system. I expect this will include all hardware, software and labor in actual installation and then training the employees on system use.
* Monitoring, Modification, and Maintenance -- Maintain the systems hardware and software with updates, upgrades. Train employees on new features and upgrades. Monitor for problems with the system (Brownfield, n.d.).

A description of the 3 steps in database...

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