Cry Me A River Essay

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Cry Me a River

I’m not deaf; I can hear through the walls that hold all my parents secrets, but this secret destroyed the walls letting the screaming fill my ears with the truth. The word "divorce" rolls off your tongue with a bitter taste, like when you were a child and ate too much hard candy, and feeling as if you do not want to put your tongue back in your mouth. My dad had came home late again giving no previous sign of where he had been, so the family he had left for three days with no notice, was now more furious than worried. A fight was in the making; it was storming through the house like a hurricane, only getting stronger, and taking down anything in its path. Why I was in ...view middle of the document...

“Well let me sign the divorce papers because I can’t stand being around you, we will be getting a divorce!” My father shouts so loud that I am sure his voice echoes. The rooms fills with dark shots of blue and black, I am trying to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart but I know there will always be a few missing, hidden in that room forever. I could finally feel the tears that I had been holding back rolling down my face so fast that I finally understood what cry me a river meant. I lay down and muffled my cry with the cotton-tasted pillow, comprehending that my family would not be whole, just like my heart.
Divorce never seemed like an option to me because it meant you were lying in your wedding vows, and lying was always a sin. I had to realize promises were never kept and though my dad is amazing to me now, it doesn’t change the fact of what he did. I found strength in me that I thought I never had; the strength of being an independent person. It was usually just my sister and I and my dad would come over to watch us because my mom had a full time job and that is when I began to rely on myself more than anyone. My dad could never really help me with school work so I was responsible to do everything. That was not an awful thing because now it has just made me into a hard...

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