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Cruelty: Evil That’s Prevails In Fifth Business

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Incidences that occur in ones childhood tend to affect them possibly for the rest of the rest of their life. Dunstan Ramsay and Percy Staunton were childhood friends. Percy came from a very wealthy background and felt is if he had to prove him self to everyone, sometime even through acts of violence and cruelty, while Dunstan came from a modest home living an honest and grateful life, but that all changed. On December 27, 1908 in a small town name Deptford, a terrible accident occurred at 5:58 p.m... After a long day of tobogganing, Percy felt embarrassed because his brand new sled could not out run Dunstan’s older one. So naturally Percy became offensive and started scoffing at Dunstan. ...view middle of the document...

Dempster would have not been struck. (16).
Secondly, Percy completely excommunicates himself from the incident and take no responsibility for his actions at all, not then, not ever. Since that point in time Dunny, being the more caring and excepting of responsibility for other peoples problems, of the two, has not lived up to par with the life of Boy Staunton due to the simple fact that Dunny has pre-occupied him-self with Mrs. Dempster due to his guilt.
While Dunny was away at war, Boy was still finishing school and in the process of stealing Dunnys girl while he was away. Boy and Dunstan had been competing for Leola all their life up until when Dunny left. This loss for Dunstan could have been voided if in fact he had not accepted responsibility for the snowball incident he wouldnt have had to leave and therefore could have kept Leola. However, Boy did not marry Leola simply because he loved her but, because she is beautiful and he lives in a town where Boy thinks that people judge him based on appearance. In order to gain that respect, he marries Leola which was a very selfish, disredarding, and cruel thing to do. Leola led Dunny on while he was away serving his country, she wrote him letters quite often and never mentioned anything about her and Boys relationship. Dunny did nothing about this for he had the mind set that the best man had won, suggesting that he though less of himself due to the problems he has had in his life. His troubles arose as a result of Marys problems as Boy felt relieved of this issue and could pursue whatever he desired to do with his life.
During Boys relationship, Leola identifies that it holds “no water” and attempts suicide twice, once by slitting her wrist After Boy finished High school he then went on to serve in the Army as well but naturally in a higher position then Dunstan. Boy was an Officer and brimming with self confidence while Dunny rather focused his life around what has gone wrong with it up until this point. Slowly but surly, Leola disappeared into Boy’s conscious, giving up on everything, and she finally kills her self by opening the window and contracting pneumonia.
Poor Leola had become more and more listless since the outbreak of war; as Boy grew in importance and his remarkable abilities became increasingly manifest, she faded. She was not one of those politicians wives who lets it be known that her husband’s competence is kept up to the mark by the support and understanding she gives him. (183)
On the flip side, Milo Papple said “Poor Leola. It’s the...

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