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Crowdsourcing Essay

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In this information age and the emergence of social media, marketers are turning to crowdsourcing. Jeff Howe coined the word “crowdsourcing” in 2006 to label the practice of business issuing an open call to a wide community to solve a problem using either corroboration or competition. Today, companies commonly crowdsource when they outsource tasks performed by an employee, to a large group of individuals or crowd. Crowdsourcing uses the collective ideas and knowledge of the public to complete business tasks that a company would normally perform itself or outsource to a third party. Large companies like Amazon, Netflix and Wikipedia utilize crowdsourcing but it is just as ...view middle of the document...

Crowdsourcing allows business to hire and layoff staff to accommodate each job or reflect the economy. The overhead for crowdsourcing is low and businesses only pay if an idea is chosen, eliminating benefits and vacation hours.
Crowdsourcing connects business to consumers and allow them to know what their customers want. Crowdsourcing can reduce test groups and business is able to reach to their target audience directly. Business are able to ask their consumers their input in what they like about their product or service making their businesses marketing more effective. Lego made it possible for its customers to be able to develop their own LEGO designs. If the design gathers 10,000 supporter it will then be reviewed and possibility produced and sold by LEGO in their stores and catalogues. This reduced LEGO research costs and customer feel connected to the company.
There are many uses of Crowdsourcing as a marketing tool. Crowdsourcing is an opportunity for designers to get some usability feedback on their work before making it public. An example would be a new company placing a competition to pick the company’s logo. It can create buzz even from the grassroots like Starbucks. “My Starbucks Idea” was developed to allow customer to online engage, feedback and allow voting on idea proposals and suggestion, resulting in some changes in Starbucks business practices. Opening up to crowdsourcing allows for the discovery of unknown talent that has not yet been discovered. Many talented individuals fly under industry radar and posting a contest...

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