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Cross Swords Between Mankind And The Gods

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Cross Swords between Mankind and the Gods
Long ago mankind and the gods lived peacefully together, however there was a rebellious group, Armacrides, who thought that mankind should rule Greek and not the gods. More people started to join the group because Anthony (God of Mankind) was kind he didn’t do anything about it. However, his younger brother Marcus (God of the Underworld) was always pushing him to take action because he secretly loathed mankind and wanted to terminate it but poor Anthony doesn’t know. So Anthony though of a way so that he could teach them a lesson but he doesn’t have to lose their love and loyalty. So Anthony sat and wondered about what he should do, finally it came ...view middle of the document...

Peter went on a hike to a nearby mountain where he met Anthony. Anthony said come here my boy so you can join your brothers and sisters. Peter said no I am not your son why is everyone saying that. Anthony said Peter you are my child and I can prove it, as you know gods live forever u my boy have experienced it twice, once when you and your mother were drowned to the bottom of the sea you lived but your mother died and, as you witness today you survived when your family died thus my boy you are my child. Peter shocked went back running to the Armacrides where he found Marcus sucking the life out of the leader’s wife and threaten them that if they don’t come back to obeying the gods he would unleash Alexio (Defender of the Underworld) to destroy them all unless your pretty little princess over here scarifies herself you have 7 days to make up your mind, and those where his last words before he vanished.
Baltazar was devastated to her the proposition and the chief warrior, Barak, said come to the meeting room urgently. He agreed and a solider to guard his daughter with his life and off he went to the meeting and saw Peter there, he asked Barak what is he doing here. Barak said he has an idea that could save all, I am impressed said Baltazar he’s new and already our town, Helixia, depends on him. Peter’s idea was impressive but risky. Alexio had one enemy, a horrific dragon, Shadow, that is both smart and true fighter but isn’t very open to people plus he lives in Skullpit Mountain and that would take three days to get there without any problem during the journey. Peter, Barak and two warriors set out to persuade Shadow to help them save Helixia and on the way Skullpit Mountain they saw to hunters, Baal and Ballios, and asked to...

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