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Cross Cultural Management Assignment On: "Develop A Cultural Profile France & Mexico"

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Cross Cultural Managementassignment onDevelop a cultural profileFrance & MexicoClass: IBAProject coordinator: Shahla Ameri de RinaldiToulouse; 23.10.2007Table of contentsTable of figuresI1. Introduction11.1 Presentation of France and Mexico11.2 Comparison between France and Mexico according to Hofstede’s analysis21.2.1Power distance:21.2.2Individualism vs. Collectivism31.2.3Masculinity vs. Femininity31.2.4Uncertainty avoidance41.2.5Long term Orientation41.3Comparison France/Mexico according to Trompenaars’ analysis41.3.1Universalism vs. Particularism41.3.2Individualism vs. Communitarianism41.3.3Affective vs. Neutral Cultures51.3.4Specific vs. Diffuse cultures51.3.5Achievement vs. ...view middle of the document...

1.1 Presentation of France and MexicoFranceMexicoGeography•the largest West Europe nation•strategic location on the continent thanks to its several borders•connections with the whole Europe•North of South America, and South to the USA•Federal Republic of 31 states and a federal districtInhabitants•more than 60 million people•More than 107 millionGDP per capita•$30,100 •$ 10,600Annual growth•than 3% a year•4%Economy rank•5th•12thUnemployment rate•around 9%•3.5%Other factors•most visited country in the world with at least 75 million tourists a year.
•French way of life•a “special” country•suffers from a huge gap between the rich and the poor•average salaries are still very low (about 43 pesos, or 5 euros a day)Table 1: Comparison between Mexico and France1.2 Comparison between France and Mexico according to Hofstede’s analysisHofstede’s theory relies on 4 to 5 dimensions which are: Uncertainty avoidance, Masculinity vs. Femininity, Individualism vs. Collectivism, Power Distance and Long Term Orientation. The corresponding results for our two countries are shown below, as well as the illustrating graph.

Uncertainty avoidanceMasculinity vs FemininityIndividualism vs CollectivismPower distanceFrance86437168Mexico82693081Figure 1, Table 2: Hofstede’s Theory1.2.1Power distance:Mexico appears to have a high degree in power distance relations. That means inequalities are very common and take a central part in Mexico’s way of living, because they are accepted by both the administered people and the directing ones. In the familial sphere, respect and obedience to the parents are essential values; parents are considered much superior to the children.
In professional sphere, subordinates are waiting for and then following the rules coming from the particular direction. Mexico and France share similar characteristics, although France has a weaker degree in power distance. For example, in a French family, children are pretty free to express desires and wants, whereas in Mexico, children do listen carefully to their parents advices and are much limited in their actions.
1.2.2Individualism vs. CollectivismFrance tends to be more individualistic than Mexico. For example, family life in Mexico is very important among society, it is indeed very common to organize huge family dinners, with the whole family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, grand parents, whereas in France it is more common to get together only the parents and grand parents. It is kind of more formal meetings.
In professional life in France, task is often more considered than the relationship; same pool of values is valuable for everyone. In Mexico, relationship is more valued than the task.
1.2.3Masculinity vs. FemininityOne more time we can see a gap between our two countries on these values. Mexico tends to be more masculine oriented than France, this factor reveals that in familial relationships, competition is a key point, and salvation of conflicts involves fights or battles. At the contrary,...

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