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Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Essay

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April 30, 2013

As evident in the case by Morris (2012), the three main skills discussed include communication skills, employee motivation and job interest.

Morris (2012) indicates that Aston is complaining on the fact that his workers are clearly not motivated to do their work, and that by around 4 O’clock, a huge number of the staff are quick to clear their desks and vacate the office premises. This is a clear suggestion of the fact that the employees are not contented with their jobs at all and that most them wish to be out in the towns as disparate to the office premises. In such a case, it is clear that the employees are not interested ...view middle of the document...

As the project manager, Aston has shown tremendous interest and passion to his job. Aston is not the uncooperative team members , Aston would by now be the best driver for his project. In relation to the core skills mentioned above, Aston is clearly motivated in his job, and is willing to do anything to see to it that the employees work closely with him son as attain the goals of the project. He complains that he has never seen such non-commitment by employees like he does, explaining why he consults Phil Davies, the project director (Morris, 2012).

In terms of communication, Aston is fast to communicate with his senior in relation to the project issues. As drawn by Morris (2012), the entire project entails a detailed discussion between Aston and Phil, his senior, all in an attempt to look for solutions for his employees. The concern displayed by Aston is one that is astonishing, what cannot be seen by other ordinary managers.

Lastly, Aston is really interested in his job, and is willing to scarify a lot for the sake of the project (Morris, 2012). He is willing to see change, and is wary of the fact that none of the employees is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the job, and the set test (Morris, 2012). Aston is, therefore, efficient is exercising his skills in relation to the functional managers and the project staff.

As seen in the compilation by Morris (2012), Aston does not receive much support from the company. The project director who is supposed to be on the frontline in holding meetings to get solutions to the problem only makes comments on the salary scale, and the age of the employees in relation to the input to the company (Morris, 2012). This means that Phil,...

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