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The main crops grown in kharif season are Soybean, Paddy, Maize, Bajara and Tur etc. and in rabi season Wheat, Gram, Mustered, Cotton, Jowar and vegetables. Sugarcane, Custard apple and Banana are also grown in some districts. Madhya Pradesh is highest producer of pulses, Gram and Soybean contributing 21.38%, 40.33% and 59.92%, respectively and is second in oil seed production; Jowar, Masoor contributing 22.10, 14.11, and 22.30%, respectively to the total production of India.
The main crops grown in kharif season are Soybean, Paddy, Maize, Bajara and Tur etc. and in rabi season Wheat, Gram, Mustered, Cotton, Jowar and vegetables. Sugarcane, ...view middle of the document...

0% ) | Medium ( 2.0 – 3.9% ) | Low (0 – 1.9%) | Negative ( < 0% ) |
| Wheat, Total Oilseeds, Total Food grains, Total Cereals, Rapeseed & Mustard | Rice, Maize, Total Pulses, Gram, Linseed, Small Millets, Tur | |

Factors responsible for changing Cropping pattern:

* Resource related factors covering irrigation, rainfall and soil fertility.
* Technology related factors covering not only seed, fertilizer, and water technologies but also those related to marketing, storage and processing.
* Household related factors covering food and fodder self-sufficiency requirement as well as investment capacity.
* Price related factors covering output and input prices as well as trade policies and other economic policies that affect these prices either directly or indirectly.
* Institutional and infrastructure related factors covering farm size and tenancy arrangements, research, extension and marketing systems and government regulatory policies.

Climate change and effect on cropping patters:

Agriculture has a two way relationship with climate change. One, where the activities related to agriculture adds Green House Gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere and other where climatic variations impact the agriculture sector tremendously.

Burning of agricultural residues in fields and excessive use of energy intensive water pumps leads to emissions while traditional method of paddy cultivation may result in methane emissions.
Extreme events like frost, excess rain, and high temperatures have resulted in huge losses in productivity. Shifting of rainfall pattern seems to have affected the cropping patterns. Mono-cropping reduces the crop diversity and adversely affects the soil health.

The changes in the land use and cropping patterns and the selection process of the same over years is related to the effective changes in trends observed in socio-economy, climate variability and...

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