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Crm The Eight Building Blocks Of Crm: Vision

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The Eight Building Blocks of CRM: Vision

A successful CRM vision creates a positive perception of the enterprise, bolstered by loyal customer advocates. IT and operations leaders and CRM stakeholders should follow these six steps to a clear, actionable and successful CRM vision of how to get, keep, satisfy and increase customers.

Key Challenges
■ Many enterprise IT operations and other leaders, as well as CRM stakeholders, find it hard to
devise a well-thought-out CRM vision, even though it provides the basis for creating a customer-centric enterprise.
■ A number of enterprises are challenged to construct a customer-centric culture that can
successfully capture, retain and grow their customer base, while realizing bottom-line growth.
■ Many enterprise IT and CRM stakeholders don't take time to craft clear customer objectives
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1. Vision
2. Strategy
3. Customer Experience
4. Organizational Collabration
5. Process
6. Information and Insight
7. Technology
8. Metrics

Understand What CRM and a CRM Vision Are
Gartner defines CRM as a business strategy that maximizes profitability, revenue and customer
satisfaction in these ways:
■ Organize around customer segments.
■ Foster behavior that satisfies customers.
■ Implement customer-centric processes.
Creating a CRM vision means more than just generating an organizational mission statement. A
CRM vision involves an end-to-end, customer-focused experience that is delivered to an individual
or organization. This experience provides customers with value and satisfies their needs, and
fosters a tighter relationship between the enterprise and its customers. A CRM vision is encoded
into the makeup of the enterprise and its staff. Think of this as what you want your customer to
experience, and think of the strategy as how to deliver the experience.

Hilton case study:

-It starts in 1919, operations with Mobely Hotels in CISCO Texas.
-1929 – Bought two properties before the market crash.
- Hilton then borrowed $300,000 loan from Moody family and within 9 months Hilton defaulted on the loan.
-The Moody family hired Hilton as Manager and gave him 33% stock.
- Then Moody family tried to fire him.
- Hilton filed law suit.

Hilton focused on domestic growth:
Casinos, vacation ownership.
1954 acquisition of promus hotel corp.

The international growth:
In 2005 Hilton bought back Hilton international.
Adding 400 Hilton properties.
In 2006 growth to 3000 total properties.

Aggressive goal of opening 1000 Hotels in North America in 5 years and 1000 in the rest of the world in 10 years.

Not easily achievable due to high competitive lodging business.
-high capital
-high employee turnover
-difficulty achieving standardization with service delivery options

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