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Crm In Recruitment Essay

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A study on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system at a global recruitment firm. How it affects to operational management process.

Mohd Faisal MOHD HAMA

Abstract The present paper document on a study of implementing Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) at one global recruitment company headquartered in Manchester United Kingdom, as a way of operation process improvement. This paper will highlight on the company condition before implementing the CRM system, the transition and how it affects the company operational management. The result has indicates that the use of CRM system has significantly improves in terms of client and candidates management system, ...view middle of the document...

Mendoza et al. stated in “Critical Success Factors for a Customer Relationship Management Strategy, Information and Software Technology” that CRM concept need to be viewed as a strategy to maintain a long-term relationship with the customers [1]. The view is to support the fact that in any business, a good customer relationship is the key business success. Grönroos et al. [2] support this view with stating, relationship building and management, is one of the approach of marketing. As such, understanding the requirement and need of a customer, offering value added services could be the determinant factors of a success or failure of companies, which focusing on customer more rather than the product or services, having customer satisfaction as most important [3].

The issue of managing customer database has become crucial among the recruitment company, or any companies rather. Data management can be viewed as a process of controlling data and information gathered from a particular source and shall be required for later execution. In recruitment practice, receiving and reviewing thousands CVs and Resume daily can be seen as a norm task for any recruiters in a recruitment company. Executing and extracting the candidate data and information can be a lot of hassles if no efficient database system to store all these information into a database is used.

The issue can be helped through systematically manage and control to provide and generate information on customer data, profiles as well as history, which relates to the business core business process and objectives mainly in sales, service and marketing field. To achieve this, CRM system has been adopted in many companies as a necessary tool which to applied on knowledge management database and managing the information within the network. King et al. in their book “ Understanding Success and Failure in CRM, Industrial Marketing Management” emphasized on an effective CRM system should enable the organization to understand and gives bigger and specific view into their customer behavior and preference and how it affects the business [4].

CRM can be viewed as a synthesized principal and concepts of many marketing and relationship marketing [5] [6] [7], which facilitates the organization in building stronger long term relations with the customer, making decision based on supporting data it provides, reducing any duplication on customer database, protecting company knowledge and customer information database from loosing when the employee resigned or left the company and opportunity to increase revenue through cross selling reference based on the information and analysis gathered off the CRM [8].

Literature Review

CRM system is the abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management system purposed as model tool for a company to enhance and improve its efficiency in operation to handle and manage its interaction with their customer base pool. It also acts as a medium to smooth the operational...

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