Crm At Shoppers Stop And Asos

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Shopper’s Stop Ltd is a professionally managed and system driven organization promoted by K Raheja Corp Group, one of the leading players in the country in the business of real estate development and hotels. Pioneer of organized retail in India, Shopper’s Stop Ltd has been instrumental in bringing about revolution in India. Since it opened its doors, the chain has become the highest benchmark for ...view middle of the document...

More than 25,000 customers walk into Shoppers Stop everyday to feel the experience of shopping. Andheri was the first store to be opened in India. The initiative of this store was taken by B.S.Nagesh at a time when the concept of retail industry was just coming into the market.



To be a global retailer in India & maintain No.1 position in Indian market in Department Store Category.


“Nothing but the best”
To strive & achieve nothing but the best in terms of processes, practices & deliverables.


The following values help Shoppers‘ Stop in achieving its mission & vision:

* We shall not take what is not ours
* The Obligation to Dissent (against a viewpoint that is not acceptable)
* We shall have an environment conducive to openness
* We shall believe in innovation
* We shall have an environment conducive to development
* We shall have the willingness to apologize and/or forgive
* We shall respect our customer's rights
* We shall be fair.

* The vision and mission statements clearly reflect the importance Shoppers’ stop has given to the customers in formulating the future plans of the company.

* A customer oriented approach where the customer satisfaction is given utmost importance to maintain long term, quality relationship with the customers by providing value to the customers on the goods and services offered.

* They understand the need to track the needs of the customers and hence one of their very important missions to develop a comprehensive understanding of the customer needs, to win the confidence of the customer and to offer the customers best-in-class products and services at affordable prices.

* Most of the services are directly aimed at the convenience of the customer by assisting them in case they are not happy with the products of the services offered by Shoppers stop.

* For Eg: if the customer is unhappy with the purchases, he/she can return the unused merchandise with the receipt within 15 days and they change the merchandise or give them a credit note so that the customer can use it later.
They don’t ask or argue with the customer about the faulty product/ merchandise, they just ask about what problem the customer faced and immediately make a receipt/ credit note of the same amount.

* They encourage the customers to express any kind of dissatisfaction relating to their experience and request the customers to bring it to their attention so that they can work on the feedback for the continuous improvement and at the same time, build lasting relationship with the customers.

* You can earn point with every purchase and these can be exchanged for the next purchase, and there is dedicated desk for members assistance in each store for customer relations

* Special services as part of their mission which are...

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