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Crj 1010 Case Assignment

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Case Assignment- People of the State of Michigan v Frank Leonard Adkins

Sam Brown

The case of People of the State of Michigan V Frank Leonard Adkins revolves around the crime of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. The case stems from a December 2008 party at Michigan State University. The victim in the case attended the party and began drinking. In all she says she consumed 4 shots of tequila. After this she began to feel ill and went to the defendant’s bathroom to vomit. According to the Victim while in the bathroom the defendant began to put his hands down her shirt and undid her pants. She also states that he rubbed his penis on her while she was ...view middle of the document...

The courts disagreed. The courts said that they view the evidence in a very favorable light to the prosecution, and found that every essential element was proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The court also said that the jury makes their decision based on the evidence and that the court has to make a credibility choice and support the jury verdict. The court also states that they didn’t err in denying the defendant’s motion for a directed verdict of acquittal because there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s verdict.
The defendant also argued that there were plain errors that affected his rights warranting a reversal or that his counsel didn’t object to the errors. The court disagreed. The court reviewed the complaints and found that the defendant didn’t prove that there were errors.
The defendant also claims that there was hearsay statements made that affected the outcome of the case. These statements were made by a witness who helped walk the victim back to her room after the incident. The...

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