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Critigue Of Professional Values Essay

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Critique of Professional Values: The Case of BSN-RN Completion Education

Winston-Salem State University
School of Health Sciences
Division of Nursing

The researchers were trying to address the professional values of RN-BSN students in completion of their education. The authors clearly stated the problem throughout the research study. The problem is very important and impacts the nursing practice today. The article ...view middle of the document...

The variables in the study were both independent and dependent. The dependent variables of professional values were tested using the Professional Values Survey which was developed by the researchers. The independent variable, level of nursing education and other
factors thoughts to influence the perception of professional values were tested using demographic questionnaire (Kubsch, Hansen, & Huyser-Eatwell, 2008).
The theoretical frame work of the study was based on Lydia Hall’s Care, Cure, and Core theory. The researchers explain the care and the cure circles of Hall’s theory emphasized in ADN programs (the care circle is described as intimate bodily by the nurse and the cure circle states that nurse works with other medical team for the patient). The Core circle is more professional rather than technical and this is the aspect of professional nursing practiced by educated nurse (baccalaureate degree). I feel the researchers explained the theoretical framework and define the concepts clearly and the issue does relate to the research study of Professional Values: The Case for RN-BSN Completion Educations.
In the literature review, the researchers found similar studies that compared professional values of different groups of nursing students from senior baccalaureate to ADN students. The literature guided the researchers to acknowledge the differences in professional values between nursing students, graduating BSN, graduating ADN, RN-BSN, campus based and long distance students, and nursing management students. I believe both primary and secondary sources were used because the researchers sent out a survey (50 statements testing specific professional values based on policies, codes, and standard based on ANA) based their results on the different types of nurses who participated.
The research questions were asked in the study. They were; do the differences in the perception of professional values exist among practicing RNs and if so, is the difference related

to educational background or is it due to other factors? I believe the research questions were consistent with the research purpose of studying the professional values of RN-BSN education.
The researchers used descriptive correlational design. This design described the variables and examined the relationships among these variables (Burns, 2011). The type of design used for this study was appropriate given the research questions in the study. The researchers used convenience method of sampling because of the exact number of nurses representing different settings of employment was not needed but a sample representing different educational levels were desired (Kubsch, Hansen, & Huyser-Eatwell, 2008). I believe that the internal validity of the study was not threatened since internal consistency of the survey instrument was concluded using a Cronbach coefficient data of 0.946. In my opinion,...

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