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Criticism Essay On The Narnia Series

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In this story, it's the adventures of three young children that find a wardrobe to a new land. This land, however, is under the evil spell of a witch and she leaves the land in internal winter. Accompanied by friends they make and the lion (the king of the forest), they will vanquish the witch forever.

There are many allegories in this story and many representations of Christianity. I have enjoyed reading the books and I have been enlightened reading the critic books. However, the critic books influenced me in thinking some of my own and so I have added on to what I think Lewis was trying to refer just for the purpose of the situation.

Critics have said that each of the seven novels in ...view middle of the document...

The Witch claims the lives of all Narnians who sin against
her rules referring to Satan's claim of the souls of sinners. Not everything in Narnia directly parallels the story of Jesus, but the similarities are quite obvious to me. Aslan sacrifices his life to save Edmund, just like Christ gave his life to save mankind. Through Aslan's death, Edmund's sin is erased, and Edmund is allowed to live, just like mankind is allowed to live now that Jesus sacrificed himself to save us. In the critic, they say Aslan is representing Christ and I see he makes a deal with the Witch. Now, I don't know if Lewis is trying to say that Christ made a deal with the devil to save us from him steeling our souls, but that is what I see, since Edmund, to me, represents mankind. He is imperfect and makes mistakes.

The Witch puts an enchantment in the land of Narnia, an eternal winter, symbolizing a dead, stagnant time. Nothing grows, animals hibernate, and people crouch around fires rather than enjoying the outdoors. We can imagine how quickly an eternal winter would become intolerable. The Witch's winter destroys the beauty and the life in Narnia. The woods are blanketed in snow and the waterfalls are frozen. The season of winter represents that Narnia has fallen under an evil regime. As snow falls, so does the land of Narnia. The Witch's snow hides all traces of Aslan or the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea. Well critics really see winter as a harmful, awful season, when I see it like a season of rest. Where everything and everyone is building up energy for next summer, where they're going to be working hard. I see it as a time of year where everything has time to hibernate. Well then I see the white Witch probly did this, in this fashion because she didn't want all the animals to rebel, they can't rebel when they're sleeping. In brief, she made it easier for her to take control. If winter is eternal, then the people that rest can't go back to work, so they go under her power, hoping for Aslan to come back.

In the allegory of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, we know that Aslan represents Christ. Aslan's death to save Edmund's life is an obvious passage of Christ's life. However Lewis made sure not only to put in the death of Jesus but also his resurrection. Aslan comes back to life in this story making it clear to the reader that it refers to Christ's life. Lewis's novel makes changes to the figure of Aslan that makes him more accessible to children than the Christ they learn about in church. The very shift from a man to a lion is quite significant. Christ is a human being, which is confusing, particularly for a child. The beauty of the figure of a lion is that a child would have no problems showing emotions for a lion. A lion, as king of the forest, is fearful and intimidating. The lion is also a big cat, and Lewis emphasizes this side of Aslan by showing...

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