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Critically Reflective Account Of My Experience Of Mentoring And Assessing A Student In Practice

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Critically Reflective Account of My Experience of Mentoring and Assessing a Student in Practice

Carole Smith

Student Number COX07411185

Module Title: Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice
Module No: GM6411

Attempt: First

Deadline Date: August 1 2008

Submission Date: August 1 2008

Word Count: 2000

For this assignment I will give an account of my experience while mentoring and assessing a 2nd year student nurse during a six week placement.  I will critically reflect on the experience, looking at learning theories, giving feedback and the importance of ...view middle of the document...

There is strength in all of these definitions, and are implemented within the area I work. However Stuart (2003) believes the qualities of a mentor should be a role model that is supportive, enthusiastic, dynamic, a good teacher and have the ability to give effective feedback, a counselor, good at solving problems and is willing to challenge practice.
Within nursing mentoring is considered to be part of the nurse’s role. The NMC s code of professional conduct dictates that nurses on the professional register “Have a duty to facilitate students to develop their competence” Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC 2004 section 6.4) research indicates that individuals are often assigned the mentor role, regardless of their experience and abilities (Chambers and Wall 2000). It is important that we as nurses know our own limitations, if we are able and qualified to take on the role of mentor and assessor.   
The clinical experience of nursing students is widely acknowledged as being one of the most important aspects of their preparation in becoming a qualified nurse (ENB) and (DOH 2001a). Practice in the clinical area is where students learn how to take care of patients, how to become part of a clinical team and to become fit for practice.
On Sam’s first day on the ward, after introductions and a tour of the cardiology department, we discussed dates for first interview so we could set some learning objectives, and planned her off duty taking in to account any requests she had. Cahill (1996) suggests that the single most crucial factor in creating a positive learning environment is the relationship between staff and nursing student. Cahill (1996) also says that a common problem for students is that they are unable to work regularly with their mentors; Sam and I arranged as many shifts as possible together but where it was not possible, I made arrangements for her to work with other members of the multidisciplinary team. I introduced Sam to the other people she would be working with, Nicklin and Kenworthy (2000) remark that the more comfortable and safe a student feels within the environment, the more likely it is that effective learning will take place and the student will become motivated to learn. I had provided Sam with the wards students pack, this is set out as a guide to the ward, Sam and I  discussed  that it was very helpful and informative, and Sam could use the student pack to direct her own learning.
 Morton-Cooper and Palmer (2003) states that although, in practice the mentor acts as a learning resource and someone to turn to, it is necessary for the student to become self directed in the development of their learning needs, and to recognises that other members of the nursing team are willing to guide and teach. This helps the mentor to feel supported by the team and to discuss ideas or concerns they may have, in order to continually improve both the assessment process and the students ward experience. Smith and Smith (2003)...

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