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Critically Evaluate Linn, 2009. Is It True That An International Student Must Learn A New Way Of Thinking And Writing When They Come To Study In A Uk Type Academic Environment?

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There are huge distinctions between international students and UK students, especially in thinking and writing. Thus, UK students frequently cannot understand and confuse by what overseas students write, because they use different styles to write and think.

The native writers in UK use their own style in thinking and writing, but the non-native writers also have their own style. Moreover, there is a significant different between two styles. Therefore, it is common to see that an overseas student may have an enormous vocabulary, listen well, read fast, but he/she failed in writing test or not communicate well with other UK students.

This essay suggests that is true for international ...view middle of the document...

The overseas learners should use the graph to find out which types of rhetorical expression they have and attempted to change the style of writing and think. For instants, a French student who use digressive method to write --- always far away from the topic then go back. She/he should focus on the main idea and go straight with it and explanation it. Therefore, it is the first reason that the international students must change their original rhetorical expression into linear to suit the UK-type academic environment.

In addition, Linn (2009, cited in Connor, 1996; Cortazzi and Jin, 1997; Schneider and Fujishima, 1995) compare the writing of overseas students and British students in following five distinct aspects: quantity of debate markers, quantity of paragraphs, use analogies and adages, sentences and changes of topic and presence and placement of explanations allegation. As an example, Linn (2009) introductions the circular writing style in Chinese, which is a totally different way of British writing. Besides, Linn (2009) also said British teachers always confuse by the parallel style which is not the same as linear type writing. Linear writing, which the British learner used, is a simple way to write. Explored the topic, concentrated on it and used example and explain it. Linn (2009) provide some typical examples to express the distinctions between UK students and non-UK students, and explain the significant of changing thinking and writing way. Nevertheless, Linn (2009) still not provide suggestion to overseas students. It is suggest that the international students should use the linear writing type with explicit discourse in each part of the essay, use “introduction-body-conclusion” structure, less or no metaphors and proverbs, have clear topic sentences and put the thesis at the beginning when write a text. Therefore, it shows another reason of the necessity of non-native British students to learn a new...

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