Critically Analyse The Effectiveness Of Leadership In The Nhs

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Critically analyse the effectiveness of leadership in the NHS

This essay will discuss and critically analyse the effectiveness of leadership role of senior nurses in the NHS. The essay will examine the definition of leadership, different theories of leaderships and how it can be implicated to nursing practice including changes that should be made to make nursing leaders more effective in NHS health care settings.
Leadership is an important topic that is highly looked at in NHS. Policy makers approves that nurses have a leadership responsibility in clinical and managerial aspects of things in health care settings.

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There is a difference between theory and style of leadership.  According to Moiden (2002), he stated that leadership theory represents reality, while style of leadership is the different ways an individual or group can implement a theory of leadership the way in the way they want it done.
According to (Higgs, 2003; Horner, 1997) there are a number of recognized leadership theories such as Trait theory, leadership styles and behaviour contingency theory and situational leadership but the three most common in health care settings are the Transactional leadership, transformational leadership and dynamic leader-follower leadership. While recognizing these ranges of leadership theories the essay will analyse the transactional, transformational theories and how senior nurses apply the theories to practice in the NHS.
Transactional leaders focus on accomplishing a task and keeping up with the status-quo. (Carney1999) said that Transactional leadership best describes nursing leadership in the past. This type of leadership can be effective but it hinders the development of nurses. The NHS health care environment is both complex and dynamic that involves different team members from a multidisciplinary setting. It is vital for senior nurse leaders to guarantee that health care is delivered by nurses with effectiveness and good organization. Transformational Nursing leadership entails how an integrated health team works together and the modern way of their approach to the work (Outhwaite, 2003). Transformational Nursing leadership entails how an integrated health team works together and the modern way of their approach to the work (Outhwaite, 2003).  Take for example, a leader can authorize team members to lead aspects of a task that they are very good at.  This will give an individual self-belief on their leadership skills.
(Cook,2001) acknowledged that Transactional leadership focal point is on providing day-to-day care, while transformational leadership is more firm on the method that motivate groups to achieve their goal to their full capability by influencing change and providing directions.
(Faugier & Woolnough, 2002) believed that a leader’s ability to express a vision that is shared among his team is an essential aspect of transformational...

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