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Critical Thinking Paper

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Critical thinking paper

When I registered for “Essence of Enterprise” class, I have thought that it will assist me to mastering my leadership skills in business world either as a team member or a leader. I have realized that business is not all about making money, but I have known clear yet how I should function in business and what tools I need to deal with it. Therefore, I believe this course can be a tool to help me sharpening my skills and visions in business world.
I have learned slightly the leadership concept based on my working experience in banking industry for five years. As an institution engaged in the trust, my company really put forward the human ability rather than skill ...view middle of the document...

My first manager was very close to his subordinates. He held a meeting with his team before he made a decision. He often gave credit to employees who perform well. Sometimes he gathered us together outside work to create a better team. However, there is one weakness, he was too democratic. Not all employees have a high loyalty to the company and made excuses when they did wrong. My boss was not assertive enough in dealing with these employees and ultimately lead to achievement of the target company was not optimal. My second manager had the opposite type of leadership. He was a fast decision maker. I think he is an authoritarian because he made decisions without listening subordinates’ opinion. Everyone in the office was being pressed to reach the target in time. I think there is a weakness in his leadership style too because our branch had decreased a significant profit from the previous year. He failed to inspire his employees. Both of their styles were challenges that I had to deal with. I believe it would be better if a leader can combine the two types of leadership to approach to subordinates. Knowing when to act as an authoritarian and when to be democratic is a good approach. Therefore, after I read course materials and correlated it with my experiences I have learned that leadership is not just about personality, but it is also about practices. It can be learned in schools and from those who have it. Understanding of each of human behavior will help achieve a good team work in a company that can create the optimum synergy in achieving corporate goals.
Another point of view, even though I have never been a formal leader in my company, I have tried to practice my leadership skill. For example, as a loan analyst, my job is giving a recommendation to the branch manager whether debtor is eligible or not to be funded. When I prepared my opinion to my superior, I tried to understand how he would make a decision and what managerial...

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Critical Thinking Paper

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