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Critical Thinking In Ethics Essay

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Ethics is the basic concepts and moral principles of decent human conduct which includes values such as the essential equality of all men and women, human or natural rights, obedience to the law of land, with respect to what is right and what is wrong (Velentzas., 2010). Ethics is the behavior that a person should adhere to in his daily dealings with the world. Ethics is a system of moral principles applied by people, society and the world. Ethics provide guidelines for acceptable behavior in the environment within which you are in. An ethical approach is becoming necessary both for corporate success and a positive corporate image (Schuder, 2014). Especially nowadays in Kenya ethics in ...view middle of the document...

, 2005). Virtue ethics resonates well with experience of life in which the nature of our character is of fundamental importance. This approach to ethics can be thought of as exhibiting four basic attributes. Its primary attribute is a strong emphasis on the importance of certain generally accepted virtues of characters, it is through honing and perfecting these virtues that an individual becomes truly ethical. A strong emphasis is placed on the existence of an active community that nurtures these virtues. Virtue-ethics theory makes clear that in the moral life one cannot rely merely on rules or guidelines, in addition an ability to exercise sound moral judgement is requisite. The successful identification and emulation of moral exemplars or role model is essential for the dissemination of morality within the aforementioned nurturing community (Dobson., 2007).

Since virtue ethics in this regard addresses the question of “Who should I be” as a company rather than addressing “what should I do” as a company. As a manager I would look at my workplace as a collective with a common purpose rather than a random group of individuals bent on individual gains. I would strive to develop the company’s inner self with honest, considerate, responsive and cultivate the same to other staff members to build, the brand and image of honest, considerate and responsive throughout the brands life.

I would relate the manager’s dilemma in putting the marketing firm into a position of integrate by upholding honest, considerate and responsive environment within the firm to a five storey staircase building, Ethics, virtues, morals, values and principles these terms build on each other. To reach the top floor, as a manager, you must start in the lobby and continue the climb after reaching each floor to the top floor. The most basic term is the first floor and good ethics will be on the top floor. The climb from the lobby to the first floor will build personal values. Values are personal beliefs that help guide a person’s life and set the groundwork for ethical development. Values are not facts, but are personalized ideas that provide guidance for two aspects of life (Ruggeiro., 2014).

William defines two types of values and explains how they create a manager’s value system. The system affects an individual’s mode of conduct and goals (William., 1990). To develop a system of values a manager must compile a list of the most important values. These lists are unique to every individual because they are determined by personal importance. Values, such as honest, helpful, ambitious, responsible, should reinforce individual’s life at work. Once a manager’s means are consistent with desired goals, their value system is unified and they would have climbed the staircase from the lobby to the first level of values.

The climb from the first floor to the second floor results in a manager incorporating principles into his newly developed values. Although values act as the...

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